1. The Chondrin Enigma
  2. A Methodical Overture
  3. Avenious
  4. The Spaying Sance
  5. And Carnage Basked in Its Ebullience
  6. The Foul Nucleus of Resurrection
  7. Archetype
  8. Ingenuity in Genocide
  9. Odious Emanation
  10. Prolific Murder Contrivance
  11. Underneath Rorulent Soil
ABORTED - Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Belgium
LABEL: Century Media
YEAR: February 19th, 2007

RATING: 8/10

I liked The Archaic Abattoir a lot, but my expectations with regards to the follow-up could have been bigger. Perhaps this is also the reason why the small changes in the musical expression on Slaughter and Apparatus: A Methodical Overture doesn't affect me much.

The music is more or less a continuation of what the Belgians were doing on The Archaic Abattoir, but melody seem more of a focus this time than the all-out-brutality found on their previous efforts. Aborted still seem inspired by legendary goregrinders Carcass and the guest appearance from Jeff Walker only illustrates this impression.

Aborted 2007 sounds more like something Carcass could have done around the Heartwork era, but still with a sound that doesn't sound too much alike the Brits.

The songs are well-written but some of the tracks appear too generic. However, the Belgians prove their worth on "Avenious", "The Foul Nucleus of Resurrection", and "Underneath Rorulent Soil". These tracks alone make up for what lacks the other songs may have.

Tue Madsen has once again been hired to produce and mix the effort, and the result is a vigorous, fat and heavy sound. It fits well with the songs and makes the music more powerful.

Slaughter and Apparatus: A Methodical Overture is not perfect, but it's still a potent effort that prove why Aborted belong among the crme de la crme of death metal. If you liked what you heard on The Archaic Abattoir, you'll almost certainly like what you find on Slaughter and Apparatus: A Methodical Overture.

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