Brutal Maltese death metallers Abysmal Torment is about to release their debut MCD Incised Wound Suicide later this month if everything works out. A while ago after having exchanged some emails and links I decided to check out an MP3 of the title track from the MCD. And to be honest I was literally blown away by the sincere brutality of this band. So naturally there was not else to do than investigate a little further and what better way than to ask the band some questions. So I got hold on vocalist Gordon Formosa who quickly replied on the questions I had sent.

Gordon Formosa interviewed by PSL

How are things in sunny Malta at the moment?
First off; hello to you all at Supreme Brutality. Blah, man that's the problem right now…it's too fucking sunny we're all roasting our asses off over here. If you meant about the metal scene at the moment it's quite good, lots of gigs planed for this summer.

Please start out by telling story of how Abysmal Torment came to be.
It all started with Nicky [vocals], Gan [guitars] and Tim [bass] in late 2000 when they decided to start a death/grind band. They found a drummer [Max] and started jamming. At first the band was named Molested but it was soon changed to Abysmal Torment after much deliberation…. They wanted create an original sound so they included another vocalist [Mario] but things didn't go as expected so the band went through some line-up changes. Max was replaced with Wayne on the drums and I replaced Mario on the mike. Tim had left the band at that time and was replaced with Pascal for a short time but quickly rejoined the band. Later David joined us too on the guitars to add more brutality. So in short this is how Abysmal Torment ended up like a volleyball team.

You've had a few line-up changes throughout the years. How has this affected the style and sound of the band?
Yeah you can see from the previous question that we went through quite some line-up changes. Obviously these slowed the band down but in the end these line-up changes defined our current musical direction that is death/grind.

You're about to release an MCD. Could you provide some details, song titles etc?
Hopefully it should be out by the end of this month but at the slow rate that things are moving right now I think we'll have to postpone it! We've had some problems with the cover artwork. The 5 tracks on the MCD were recorded last February so it's about fucking time we put it out. It will be entitled Incised Wound Suicide and include the following songs: "Vile Putrescent Dilapidated Mortal Remains Left Lying in the Morgue", "Sawed in Half ", "Showcase of Dangled Flesh", "Incised Wound Suicide" and "Grotesquely Maimed and Cranially Disfigured".

Are you releasing the MCD yourselves or do you have a label to back it up?
Yes, we gonna release it ourselves. There are labels who contacted us but for the time being we're still unsigned. We'll see what happens when we have the CD in our hands.

How would you describe your music?
No compromises just brutal death grind! We have various sources of influences but mostly US styled death grind.

You have two vocalists that's not the most common thing. How does this affect you sound?
Yes that's true. The only other death/grind band I know with two vocalists is Goratory so I guess it's a quite uncommon line-up. The advantage is that vocal patterns can be catchier and flowing if well coordinated, also this way the vocals never get boring since both of us have different vocal ranges.

Which bands are you inspired by?
All of us listen to loads of different bands and styles. Speaking for my self as vocalist I mostly influenced by bands like Disgorge [Mexico], Cinerary, Devourment, Screaming After Birth and the likes. Music-wise we are influenced by bands such as Disgorge [USA], Aborted, Brodequin and so on.

You have recorded your debut release in Temple Studios. How did you decide upon using that studio?
Temple Studios is the best choice if you want a clear but solid production here in Malta. David Vella of Temple has already worked on producing all of Beheaded's material so we thought more or less that he would know what a death/grind band should sound like, and we're very pleased with the out come of the MCD.

What got you into metal in the first place?
Tell you the truth I don't really don't know. As for me I've been into this music for quite a long time now. Metal in general has always been in my veins but what pushed us into what I do now were bands like Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Autopsy.

What bands do you listen to these days?
Right now I'm obsessed with the latest album from Aborted, right now I'm also listening to Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Screaming After Birth, Brodequin, Decapitated, Vader, Discrasia and Hate Eternal. I'm also much into simplistic goregrind.

Do you often get the opportunity to play live?
We play live around six times a year. For instance this summer we've got four gigs planed with other local bands.

What's you funniest/worst experience playing live?
As far as I can recall we never had any bad experiences, but we are champions in manufacturing funny ones. Anyone who saw us live knows what I'm talking about [laugh]. Well, one time we did a sample of Barney the gay dinosaur... It went something like this: "I Love You. You Love Me Lalalala". The people at the gig couldn't stop laughing seeing us dancing like morons. Our last gig Tim the bassist was so drunk he jumped off the stage in to the mosh pit still trying to play unplugged! There are other hilarious anecdotes, which at this moment are slipping my mind.

How is the death metal scene doing in Malta?
I guess lately it has been growing quite rapidly for such a small country like ours! More people now seem to appreciate our style a little more. We got some really good bands here, Beheaded, Despised, and Erythuria. But it's mostly shitty commercial soft rock bands that do well here in Malta but I think the metal scene is growing year by year.

Any closing comments?
Thanks a lot for the interview man! Check out our website and the guys who really help us promote our stuff Stay brutal!

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