1. Cenobites
  2. Soulburner
  3. Morbid Desire to Burn
  4. Biblewhore
  5. Forever Nailed
  6. Satanic Victory
  7. Enchanter
  8. Bleeding the False
  9. Doorknocker
  10. Bow Your Head
  11. I Hate Your Existence
  12. God Gives Head in Heaven
  13. Hell Unleashed
AEON - Bleeding the False

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Unique Leader
YEAR: September 20th, 2005

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Unique Leader

I've read a bit about Aeon on the internet, but I can't say that I know much about the band or the music. The music on Bleeding the False is in the vein of Deicide, but the band do add personality to the music so it things isn't too close to the Americans.

Aeon play fast and they do this a lot. Most of the songs are played at full throttle. It does get a little too much in the long run as the songs aren't all that diverse. The anti-Christian lyrics and the mood of the music in general is largely able to make up for this. I had a good laugh of the country song "God Gives Head in Heaven". That song alone is almost enough to go get Bleeding the False.

Bleeding the False doesn't differ much from so much else, but that doesn't change that it's an interesting effort. A thing I dislike is the drums and the too obvious use of triggers. It makes the music a bit too sterile. I miss a less polished production, but apart from that Bleeding the False is good effort.

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