GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Lifestage Productions
YEAR: 2007

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Lifestage Productions

The Polish label Lifestage Productions are topical with their third release and once again they've chosen to issue some excellent grindcore. The Swedish band Afgrund is unknown to me, but their energetic grindcore is impressive.

The music does to some degree remind a bit of Nasum. The band understands to vary the music so it doesn't appear as a one-tracked doze of noise, but instead a dirty and pretty catchy round of in-your-face grindcore. A nice detail is that the band sings in Swedish. It's not that noticeable, but it does provide the music with a little more soul.

What Afgrund show on this split CD promise well for what's in store on their debut full-length which is due later this year also on Lifestage Productions.

Relevant Few is the other half of this split CD. I've heard these guys before, but the music didn't impress much then. However it's different this time. The Swedes obviously also play grindcore, and in many ways the music isn't that different from so much else in this genre, but this doesn't make the outcome less good.

Relevant Few appear to be inspired by Napalm Death, but without sounding like just another copy. Like Afgrund the band understands how to vary their music so it stays interesting for more than just a listen or two. This split CD is well worth getting if you value well-played grindcore.

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