1. Dethrone the Tyrant
  2. Matadores Del Libertad
  3. Maze of Papers
  4. Empty Frame
  5. War Fetisjists Kill
  6. Carved Face Fashion
  7. Forced to Masturbate
  8. Ergos - Thanatos
  9. Archives and Files
  10. Yuppie Career Freak
  11. Diary of White Trash
  12. Bass the Gabbers
  13. Kurose
  14. Expendable Goods
  15. Class War Necessity
  16. Logical Exodus
  17. Misery = Destiny
  18. Pricks at Gigs
  19. Goredom - Boredom
  20. Where it Belongs
  21. Mincer

GENRE: Grindcore
COUNTRY: Belgium
LABEL: Power It Up Records
YEAR: 2006

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Power It Up Records

Displeased Records released Mincer, the latest effort from the Belgian grindcore outfit Agathocles in April and now it has been issued on vinyl by Power It Up. I'm not that familiar with the Belgians previous doings so reviewing this effort is not the easiest thing.

The trio mainly operates within the framework of grindcore, but the music also has a strong punk kind of vibe to it. This of course is a thing that helps give the music some personality. Another thing that help make the Belgians a bit different is that Mincer isn't just another blast feast from start to finish. Sure the band play at a pace that would leave a lot of bands out of air, but the unit knows how to slow things down and that adds significantly to the diversity of the songs as well as making it possible to tell a track from the other.

Agathocles may not be that unique, but there's not doubt that they are like the few. It's clear that they have some strong political views and ideas. I find this positive though I may not entirely agree. The music is mostly good, but still I can't help feeling a little bored once in a while.

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