GENRE: Experimental death metal
COUNTRY: Australia
LABEL: Advoco Terra Sonitus Productions
YEAR: December 29th, 2009

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: Advoco Terra Sonitus Productions

This is a two song split CD that features Altars and Tzun Tzu. I'm familiar with Altars, but not Tzun Tzu. The music that Altars play is experimental death metal. The four-piece blends death metal with bits and pieces of doom and drone metal. I like that the Australians often go for a slower and doom-like feel. It works really well when mixed with some faster parts.

Around 02:51 there's a slow, gloomy part. It's a catchy part and it does a lot to overall vibe of the music. This among other things adds to the strength of the music and also makes it that more exciting. I think Altars is a band that has a lot of interesting things to offer. The four-piece proved it on the Demo 2008 and they prove it again on this split CD.

Tzun Tzu is another interesting Australian band. Just like Altars the four-piece play death metal that isn't too conventional. Tzun Tzu is inspired by Japanese history. It does help a bit to set the band and music apart from many other death metal bands. Like Altars the band has a nice mix of fast and slow parts, but contrary to Altars Tzun Tzu use the fast parts a little more.

The riffs are on the whole good. Around the 04:03 mark there's a change in the music and a slow, moving part takes over and go on to finish the song. I like this a lot and it set a gloomy and disturbing vibe that goes really well with the Japanese theme.

If you like your death metal to be a little different then both Altars and Tzun Tzu are interesting bands. Although the split CD is short with its 13 minutes it's nonetheless the most exciting split CD I've heard in a while.

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