1. Serpent-Legged
  2. Anmod
  3. Hung Up at the Pale
  4. Wretchedness and Decay
  5. Outwitted by Redeeming Features
  6. Behold
  7. Absence of an Upper World
  8. Impending Loss
  9. Weakness of Will
  10. Thoughtlessness
  11. Weakness of Will
  12. Monstrosity Per Defectum
ANMOD - Monstrosity Per Defectum

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Deity Down Records
YEAR: 2008

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Deity Down Records

At first I took Anmod to be just another Brazilian band in the vein of Krisiun and those similar, but after a while this immediate notion prove not to be very fitting.

The trio do have many things in common with Krisiun, but there's just much more to the music than that. Anmod mix death metal and grind. The songs are mostly immensely fast, but the three Brazilians combine this with slower and more versatile things as well. This benefit the music a lot and overall makes Monstrosity Per Defectum a vibrant and enjoyable effort.

The music is tightly and brutal played. Most of the songs stay under three minutes which seem very fitting. Even though the trio doesn't come up with something different on Monstrosity Per Defectum the band still have made a convincing statement with this potent debut.

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