1. Flies
  2. Bloodmaker
  3. Stupid Fuck
  4. Who is My Enemy?
  5. Try
  6. This Structure is Tight
  7. President Says Yes
  8. Sick I Am
  9. Shit From Arse
  10. Bolo
  11. Save Copy As...
  12. Discomfort
  13. Fala
ANTIGAMA - Discomfort

GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Selfmadegod Records
YEAR: April 15th, 2005

RATING: 2/10
PROVIDED BY: Selfmadegod Records

Yet another release from Polish grindcore label Selfmadegod Records. Antigama play grindcore in the vein of Cephalic Carnage and perhaps Pig Destroyer though Antigama is far more noisy than the last mentioned.

The music tends to be a big blur of noise most of the time, but the band does occasionally display a bit of skill in songs like "Flies", "Stupid Fuck" and "Try", however it mostly drown in a sonic assault of unbearable distorted noises. The songs never get interesting or the least memorable. It all end up sounding too chaotic and uncontrolled.

The music is a bit too noisy for my taste and as you probably already have figured out it quickly got to my nerves. I fail to spot the interesting in what Antigama is doing. Perhaps a less noisy and distorted production would have made Discomfort a more enjoyable effort? I'm not sure, but Discomfort definitely didn't appeal much to me.

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