Released: May, 2003 | Label: Necromance | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Necromance

01. Trance
02. Hedor Pestilente
03. Asi Te Pudras
04. Corruptus Interium
05. Holocausto Canibal
06. En El Nombre de Dios
07. Mortal Curación
08. Corpore in Sepulto
09. En Avanzado Estado de Descomposición
10. Metastasis
11. Engendro
12. Requiem
13. Nu-metal
14. After World Obliteration

What immediately struck me when listening to Engendro was the programmed drums, not that they are badly programmed but somehow they seem a bit too obvious but if you can live with computer drums then this shouldn't prevent you from checking out Antropomorfia. Music-wise this one-man act reminds me of German death metallers Anasarca so as you probably already have figured out we're dealing with old school death metal without out a whole lot of ingenuity. The songs themselves are pretty decent and varied but if only main-man Fernando Payer would have used a real drummer instead it would have been so much better 'cause the drums get too monotone and artificial sounding in the long run.

The songs are sung in Spanish and it fit the music okay so it doesn't really do anything. The production is filthy, primitive and yet with a certain punch. It suits the music all right without really adding of taking anything from it. Throughout the album there are small samples that add diversity and a bit of atmosphere to the album. Fernando has chosen to finish off with a cover of the old Terrorizer song "After World Obliteration" and he manages to get away with this in a decent manner. Engendro may not contribute with anything unheard but it's an okay album if you're able to distract from computer drums as I started out by writing.

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