Dutch brutal death metallers Arsebreed released their debut Munching the Rotten not too long ago. It's an album that combines the best from brutal US death metal a la Deeds Of Flesh and Deicide with solid Dutch workmanship. I recently asked vocalist Joel some questions about the album, the line-up as well as a dozen other things.

Joel interviewed by PSL

What's the deal with the band name? Is there any particular meaning with it?
Nothing special going on with it. We had to change the bandname and so we came up with something repulsive. Most of our lyrics deal with the arse and basically we are the breeders coming up with the music. Hence the name.

Why did you change name from Bloodcum to Arsebreed?
Oh that's a long and boring story. I'll try to keep it short. Ever since Bloodcum had its name we've had problems with this old thrash/punk band from the US. I think they released a cult album way back and we thought they'd broke up. Well apparently they reformed and them or some people who spoke in their name claimed to be the solely owners of that name. To avoid any problems we decided to be the grownups here and change it into something else.

Musically Arsebreed sound very influenced by US death metal and in particular Deeds Of Flesh. Could you say something about your influences?
Well, especially Daniel, who wrote a great deal of the music, is a big fan of Deeds Of Flesh's Inbreeding the Anthropophagi album. The technicality combined with brutality and the fast paced drums really get him off. That album and Deicide's Legion must be his biggest influence and I think you can definitely hear those influences in the music although I think he gave the riffs his own twist and feeling.

Munching the Rotten was recorded in Studio Excess which a lot of other Dutch death metal bands also have used. What made you decide to record there?
We have had some good experiences over there with our other bands like Disavowed and Pyaemia. The only thing we recorded there though was the drums. All the other instruments and vocals were done by us at home. That worked perfectly you know. In the comfort of your own home at your own pace. When you have the right equipment I can recommend it to anyone.

In my opinion the production sounds dry and clear. Was this the result you were aiming for?
Thanks, that was exactly the result we were aiming for. The music is pretty technical at times and with this approach you can exactly here what each and every instrument is doing. I think it makes it easier to listen to the music because music like this, when mixed too blurry, comes out as one big chaotic mixture of instruments.

Lyrically it appears as if you're quite fond of the rectal area and vomit. Could you say some about the lyrics and who's responsible for coming up with them?
I must say that we are quite fond of our ass' yea, [laughs]. Nah, the rectal aspect has been part of Bloodcum since the early days so it was an obvious choice to continue with this kind of matter. I guess most people are grossed out by it but it also seems to make people laugh. For me it isn't such a big deal, in the end it's the music that makes the difference, that's what it's all about, not the titles or the lyrics which aren't even printed in the booklet. I think that says it all.

The band disbanded in 2002. Why was that?
By the time Bloodcum released their MCD; things were getting serious for Bloodcum. I think by that time the guys involved back then started thinking about the future in the band. Some of them weren't that motivated anymore and that lead to bassplayer Worm joining Pyaemia and the rest calling it quits. Luckily Daniel reformed the band with a brand new line-up to release most of the old and newer material. I'm really happy for him that he found a way to make it happen, because it's some of the sickest shit I've heard. After all the hard work he had put into it he deserved this.

What made you decide to reform Arsebreed?
Well, what I said before kind of says it all. It was mainly Daniel who really wanted to do something with the songs he created for Bloodcum. It was just a matter of time and gathering the right people to do it the way he wanted it be.

How did Robbe K, Floris and you get involved in the band?
We all have known each other for quite some time now within the Dutch metalscene. Some of us had already participated in a band together while others met on a mutual tour. Robbe and I asked Daniel if he wanted us both to sing on the album and Floris was asked by Daniel, same goes for our bassplayer Rizzo.

Do you consider Arsebreed more of a project band now that there are members from Pyaemia, Disavowed and Mangled involved?
Yea, this is a project band, but with the exception that you'll be hearing more from us than just a single album. At least that is the plan [laughs]. I think the chemistry to make more of this band is present and we all enjoy what we do. As long as it's fun for everyone we will continue. Our drummer Floris recently decided to call it quits so that he can fully concentrate on his own band Mangled so we have asked a new guy to fill his shoes. We'll announce him soon on the site [note: Romain Goulon from French death metallers Imperial Sodomy has now been announced as the new drummer]. The story of Pyaemia and Disavowed is one with a bitter aftertaste. Our mutual drummer Robbe V suffers from a rather nasty wrist injury so our future isn't really certain yet. Disavowed is using a stand in drummer [Dirk from Despondency] while Pyaemia is waiting for Robbe to be fully operational again [note: since this interview was done Pyaemia has disbanded]. So at this time there won't be too much interfering from all the other bands.

How did you hook up with Neurotic Records?

I have been involved with Neurotic Records from the beginning since I know the label owner Ruud very well. He's always keen on good quality metal so when I first showed him some rough demotracks he was hooked right away and basically offered us a deal instantly. This gave us huge confidence to make the best out of it. So we really didn't bother to shop around any further because Neurotic Records offer best for all bands on the label. Top notch distribution, all the help you need with whatever and a good slot on a kickass tour. That's all you need.

Are you going to tour in support of Munching the Rotten?
There are definitely plans to do a tour of some kind in support of the album. I can't wait to see all the sick fuckers who dared to buy an album from a band whom are basically called poo [laughs].

It doesn't conflict with Arsebreed's touring plans that some of the members are involved in other bands?
As I stated in your previous question, no not yet. As you may know the drummer in Pyaemia and Disavowed is one and the same man so we have dealt with situations like this one before. It has never been a problem as long as you support each other in those kinds of activities. It acquires some arranging but that is never a big deal. No sir.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Yea, I would like to thank you and all your readers for the given space. Hope everybody enjoys the disc as much as we did making it. Whenever you see our name at a club, do not hesitate to come check us out, if you don't like the music you might have a laugh or two instead just seeing us [laughs].

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