Released: 2007 | Label: This Dark Reign | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: This Dark Reign

01. King Cobra
02. Waterhead
03. Fleeting Swarm
04. Scene I Don't Remember
05. The Crawl
06. Champagne and Bublebaths
07. The Streets Have Eyes
08. Chicago Punch
09. Lips and Assholes
10. Black Vomit

Out of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes the grindcore trio A Second From The Surface. Their debut CD The Streets Have Eyes is a mixture of grindcore, punk and metal. If I say Drugs Of Faith, Napalm Death or a lot of what is put out via Relapse Records then it should give an idea of the sound and style. There's really nothing different in what A Second From The Surface do, but the trio combine the various references in a way that make it quite appealing.

The band is good at varying the musical expression. The Streets Have Eyes is not a blastbeat contest from start to finish, but the unit do know how to play fast. The vocals are more of a shouting type than growls, but it goes well with the music. Most of the songs barely clock two minutes, but this add only to the intensity and nerve of the music as there are no filler. It's quite amazing how much diversity and catchiness the band are able to squeeze into a single song. The production is dirty, but not in a bad way. It fits the music just right. If you like direct and not too generic music then The Streets Have Eyes is recommendable.

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