1. Terminating Synthesis
  2. The Rapture of Eidolon
  3. Provocation of Death
  4. Infinite Void

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: August 15th, 2010

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: Australis

Hailing straight of Minnesota, Australis brings you a four song EP that's filled with pure brutality. Matthias Joyce's vocals are raw and filled with aggression, there is no fluff or fillers with these guys this is just straight up death metal in its purest and most organic form.

"Terminating Synthesis" starts out with an onslaught of double pedal drumming and Matthias's vocals switching back and forth between death metal growls and black metal shrieks that are backed by a shredding guitar solo. "The Rapture of Eidolon" has a great chugging riff that's combined with a nice guitar lead from Lucas Scott and Aaron Lott, you can really tell that this whole band carries a ton of talent.

"Provocation of Death" moves at full speed as Matthias delivers hell with his savage screams and growls, this continues at an insane speed throughout and by far one of the most brutal tracks on here. "Infinite Void" holds that old school death metal vibe with a little of thrash metal influence. This is an impressive EP from beginning to end and I am definitely looking forward to see what else Australis has to offer!

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