BALATONIZER - Occlused in Ottusity
Released: June 8th, 2004 | Label: This Dark Reign | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: This Dark Reign

01. Intro
02. Muscular Prevarication
03. Corporal Usurpation
04. Ciccio Tagliavia
05. Brutal Devastation
06. Caimme
07. Anfame
08. C.E.P.
09. Petra Lavica Etnea
10. Abominations of Triviality
11. Diabolos
12. Occlubinated Eyes Convergence
13. Scacciatiesta
14. Pulverization After Intimidation
15. Inebetit
16. Eaten
17. Cerebral Regression
18. Guttural Satisfaction
19. Macabrotic Poetry
20. Microscopic Brain
21. From the Obsolation to the Obeteration
22. Putrification of the Mind
23. A'cinta No!
24. Sbigottit
25. Primitivity 46
26. Reborn in Ignorance
27. Se So Sa
28. Sucaman
29. Ottenebrated Perseveration Through Mental Disorder
30. Occlused in Ottusity
31. Anal by Anal
32. Tristeza

When I see an album with 32 song titles the warning signs usually begin to show because of the fact that I 'm for the most not very fond of 50 second songs but Italian death grinders Balatonizer does a superb job in convincing me of otherwise. It's like you don't really notice the length of the songs because they all compliment each other perfectly. Music-wise we're over in something perhaps best can be described as Mortician meets Nasum. The Nasum reference is mainly based on the fact that they also have the ability to bind the songs together and make them seem as a unity and the same is the case here. The vocals are ultra low and guttural and it works flawlessly. The drums are programmed by guitarist Marco Failla and he's done a great job. The only thing that really gives it away is the somewhat clinical sound that the drums have.

The guitars are thick and juicy and therefore they logically add to the depth of the soundscape. The music is as you can imagine brutal as fuck but the band varies the music enough so it doesn't come across as a monotone blur of idealess blastbeats, guitars and growls. Something that is a bit unusual is that Balatonizer uses keyboards on a few of the tracks and the result is convincing. A fun thing is that the band actually doesn't have any lyrics but instead Marco has drawn a comicstrip which can be found inside the booklet. Occlused in Ottusity might not contribute with anything unheard but it sure does provide 25 solid minutes of sonic mayhem and if you can live with that then I wouldn't pass on it.

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