BATHTUB SHITTER - Dance Hall Grind
Released: December 25th, 2005 | Label: Shit Jam | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Shit Jam

01. Introduction
02. Skate of Bulgaria
03. World Dun Hole
04. Umber
05. Hello Alone
06. Re-Shit
07. The End of the Rainbow
08. Time Out
09. Everybody Has the Wet
10. Shit Drop
11. Rest in Piss
12. PS From BS
13. Stihs Latem

This is actually just as amusing as I expected and then not quite. I liked the previous album Lifetime Shitlist and the successor Dance Hall Grind is really not that different, but it tend to get a bit too silly and too much goofing around. The music is varied and it's obvious that the song-writing have improved further. The band appears to have lowered the pace a little and also cut back on the grindcore elements. Instead the groove has taken up more room in the soundscape. It suits the music fine and makes it all a bit more dynamic. Reading the lyrics is pretty entertaining too. They clearly proof that the band don't take things too seriously. All in all I get the impression that the four Japanese just love goofing around and doing their thing which I think is great. Again the band has chosen to do a cover-song. This time it's "Time Out" originally by D.R.I..

The vocalist sounds very giddy at times. Wonder if he's has been drinking a little too much sake during the recording? However the hysterical and frantic vocals don't seem to take as much space up compared to some of the past material. I didn't like the high-pitched screams too much on the past material and I also think it sort of pull the music down a little on Dance Hall Grind, but on the other side it also gives the band some identity. The quality of the songs vary, but I found "World Dun Hole" and "Everybody Has the Wet" to be worthwhile. Dance Hall Grind is an entertaining effort, but it do get a little strenuous after a while, but if you enjoyed the other releases from the Japanese then you'll most likely enjoy Dance Hall Grind as well.

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