Released: 2006 | Label: Soulflesh Collector | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Soulflesh Collector

01. Misanthrope
02. Scars
03. Madness
04. Greed
05. Dance on Bones
06. Soulpain
07. Agony Horror
08. Fighting Myself
09. Payoff
10. 2341
11. Life Line

Life Line is the third CD from Russian deathers Beheaded Zombie. Judging by the name it would be logical to conclude that the band practices some brutal death metal, but that's actually not the case. The music is technical death metal with plenty of references to Cynic, later Death, Atheist and even to Pink Floyd. There are a lot of awkward and spastic things going on in the music which certainly provide it with characteristics. I'm not saying it's that unique, but it's definitely a little dissimilar to the vast majority of death metal. It doesn't hurt either that the band add some guitar-effects in the vein of Cynic now and then as well as allowing the bass upfront in the soundscape.

The music mostly drift along in a moderate pace, but it happens that the band gear up a bit. Beheaded Zombie has chosen to sing in their native language. It's noticeable, but doesn't add or withdraw anything. Additionally the band adds a few keyboard bits here and there. These work well and add more to the different nuances in the songs. The production is a little odd. It's hollow and somewhat thin. It lacks some punch to really back the music up and the poor sound really pulls down in the overall impression. This is a shame as the songs witness of fine musicianship. Beheaded Zombie try to sound a little different and to a degree they succeed. It's clear the unit have some appealing ideas, unfortunately I doubt many people outside of Russia will notice this.

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