Australia’s Blöod Düster recently released their new self titled album, an album that should turn some heads because these Aussies' music is definitely something out of the ordinary. Personally I wasn’t that familiar with the band before I heard the album Blöod Düster but it impressed me a lot with it’s unique and entertaining mixture of rock n’ roll and grindcore. I therefore got hold on bassist Jason P.C. who willingly agreed to answer a load of questions.

Jason P.C. interviewed by PSL

So how are things down under at the moment?
Pretty good, we are having a shitload of fun playing at the moment and doing some really cool shows as well.

Please start out by giving a brief history of the band!
How brief? We formed we put out some stuff and we are still here. Brief enough?

Your new CD Blood Duster is one weird experience I've never heard anything like this before but it work out incredible well. How would you describe/categorize your music?
I guess if nothing else we are at least ourselves, I don't think we sound too much like anyone else. I'd probably say something like death rock or grind rock or something, we like to mix shit up but not in a contrived way…I mean, do you remember that band from back in the day - Mordred? well they did rap metal but it sounded contrived and done in a really un-inspiring way, I think we do rock/metal but we sound like we are enjoying ourselves and are actually into what we are doing.

How do you feel the new CD compares to your older material?
Well Blood Duster to me is Blood Duster; no CD will sound the same as the last. I mean we have already done Fisting the Dead so why would we do that again? We always try and add new ideas and shit into what we do with each album while maintaining who we are. I think Blood Duster are lucky in that we do actually like what we do and we are not going through the motions or trying to replicate what people liked from the previous stuff, unlike what a lot of bands who have been around as long as us are doing. That's not to say we hate the old stuff, but to us its old you know?

I found your lyrics freaking hilarious! Do you think it's important to maintain a certain amount of humour when playing music?
I don't know, I think for some bands it would be shit, like A Blaze in the Northern Sky would suck ass if it had fun lyrics, so would something like Reign in Blood, but for us it seems natural because that's who we are. I mean if you be what you are then you sound honest and I think that comes through in the music that you do. Actually some of the lyrics on this album were supposed to be serious in a sense but because of who I am it didn't quite work out that way as I find humour in almost everything.

You have a new single coming out, could you tell a little about that?
It is for the song "sixsixsixteen", this will be an Australian only release as I don't think that the markets in the U.S. and Europe understand Blood Duster as well as Australians do. I mean we release singles here as we have a little bit of chart potential, but I think the rest of the world would just look at us strangely if we wanted to release a single…I mean we really want to compete, not with other metal bands but on a level with mainstream bands, it just doesn't seem to work like that overseas.

Your music is pretty diverse in my opinion and a thing that really kept my attention was that not all the songs were just forty seconds of immense speed and blast beats which often tends make grindcore album boring after the first few spins. Do you feel it's important vary the music and not just go for the speed?
Well there are some really good grindcore/death bands that I think are doing some cool shit like Birdflesh and Ghoul to name a couple but there are so many shit-boring bands that haven't done anything original for years, most bands now tend to sound really generic and if you step outside that tiny sheltered existence and try and do something different you get crucified as sell outs or not being extreme anymore. My opinion is that being called a sell out is good, as it is generally people who are only into "one specific sub genre of something else" who do the name calling, and fuck playing for people that don't like music, in all its various fucked up forms.

How did you come up with the idea of mixing punk, rock n' roll and grindcore? It sounds pretty unique!
It is just what we do, as I said earlier it's just a natural thing I think. It wasn't a "lets sit down and do a corporate analysis" of what people will like, we just do what we do and fuck everyone else.

Your previous album Cunt was released back in 2000 how come it took so long to get a new album out?
Well we spent a fair bit of time recording this album and we felt we need some more after we did the first session and then after the second session we felt like we needed some more again. It cost more that everything else we've done before but in the end we got something that we felt was what we wanted so fuck the money.

Judging from the lyrics in "NuCorprate" it sounds like you're not that fond of country music and nu-metal!
No, I love country music! You may not understand because you are not too familiar with country music, I'll explain, country music in the fifties and sixties and even through the seventies was pretty tough and generally pretty "real" but sometime in the 80's some fat corporate fuckholes from major labels decided it was time for "new country", and what they did was create like a country pop music, it was just pop shit with a cowboy hat on, it happened again in the late 90's with "nu-metal" where some corporate labels realized that metal wasn't selling as much as it could so it fed the people "nu-metal" a safer watered down version of metal. Pop music with a tracksuit. So that song is just about that shit and how they are doing it to punk, and all other forms of legitimate "extreme" styles. Fuck making it safe for the kids, and fuck music if you mum wants to buy it for you.

Which bands are you influenced by? I think I spotted a reference to Black Sabbath in "Bad Habits"
Yeah that song is about not being original and stealing bits from other bands when you cant do something yourself. That songs lyrics describe what I was feeling as I wrote the music.

What inspires you lyrically?
Stupid shit, I know a lot of our lyrics delve into shit like porn and death but a lot of them have a deeper meaning hidden in there, there are a lot are anti corporate and anti scene lyrics but people seem to only dwell on the things easier to digest, and I think it is hard for people to get past the humour aspect of what we do, and as soon as you put humour in something then everything else has no meaning or it is softened. But I think people will be able to get past it if they listen to album a few times. I think that people will start to hear the anger and bitterness that lies beneath the surface.

Do you write the music as a collective unit or does each member come up with songs?
Generally I have written most of the stuff on the last couple with guitarist M-lo but we are all starting to write shit. I still do all the lyrics because I think that is part of the personality of Blood Duster. If everyone else wrote you would really have a band with a split personality. Belt Thrower wrote some lyrics with me on the new album and that was pretty interesting, he is a vegan who doesn't drink or smoke, so he wrote about how "meat is bad and there is no need to kill to survive" while I wrote the choruses of the same song about just not caring that much about killing animals for food, its probably the first vegan/meat eating song that doesn't resort to name calling or saying one is right one is wrong. While that was an interesting thing in itself to write, I think in general it would be a little weird having too many personalities giving an opinion on a whole album.

Do any of you play in other bands besides Blood Duster?
Belt Thrower plays in a hardcore band called Mindsnare I have a couple projects underway as does M-lo, Tony plays in a band called The Day Everything Became Nothing and I don't think our drummer Matt is doing any other bands at the moment, at one time he was in like eight bands or something like that.

How is the death metal/grindcore scene in Australia? It seems a bit anonymous!

How do you mean? There are tons of grind bands here, like The Kill [Tony did vocals on this album], Undinism are back together, and a really good band that you should check out if you get the chance is Captain Cleanofff from Adelaide. There are lots of bands but I don't think bands from here care too much about the outside world because the scene is pretty healthy and supportive, not just grind, for pretty much any style.

You recently played at the "Big Day Out" shows, could you tell a little about that experience?
Well we were the odd band out playing alongside bands like the Black Eyed Peas, Metallica, The Dandy Warhols and The Darkness to name a few, but it was actually really good. There was about 45,000 people at each show and the crowds were really supportive, I think we had the element like we were the underdogs or something, like I think people knew that we didn't fit but that's why they supported us, everyone loves to cheer for the guy that's going to lose.

Any European or overseas shows planned?
We are talking to some dudes at the moment about a possible European tour and hopefully we can get to Japan as well, but nothing is concrete at the moment, I think once people get to see us live they will start to understand what we are about a little better.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the interview, listen to Johnny Cash's Live at Folsom Prison album if you want to hear some real country, and avoid anything that labels try and brand as "nu" it will only make you hate music…

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