1. Psychoplasmics
  2. Merchants of Sleaze
  3. Sleeping in Hell
  4. Pink on the Inside
  5. Scared Stiff
  6. Slaughterhouse Recollections
  7. Mindscraper
  8. Sex Trash Princess
  9. Paralyzed by the Medusa Spider
  10. Death Trip... In the Drug Den of the Damned
  11. We Kill Cause We Care
  12. Gobble Up Your Guts Pt.3
BLOOD FREAK - Mindscraper

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Hammerheart Records
YEAR: June 20th, 2011

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: Blood Freak

The latest Blood Freak CD Multiplex Massacre was issued in 2007. The band has more or less up till now been a one-man project by guitarist Neil Smith, but on Mindscraper the line-up has expanded to a four-piece.

The music is old school death metal with an often thrashing vibe. The band also mixes a bit of grindcore in the songs here and there, but nothing too governing. To begin with I found the production a little too muddy and I still think it drowns some of the riffs and parts. It's not that critical that it spoils the music, but it's noticeable.

The band mostly hit the high gear, but the four-piece do moderate the brutality now and then and slows down a notch or two. Neil has an ability to write some solid and notable riffs. In "Sex Trash Princess" and "We Kill Cause We Care" there's some Carcass-type-of-riffing, but nothing too obvious. The bass surface here and there. I like that as provide a bit of disparity to the guitars. Live Fast, Die Young… and Leave a Flesh Eating Corpse! is the Blood Freak CD I like the best thanks to all the catchy riffs and parts, and Mindscraper definitely has a lot of the same dirty, in-your-face type of drive.

Opposite to past works there are no samples of movies or anything used in the songs. Okay the opener "Psychoplasmics" is a sampling of various people talking, but apart from that there's none. I think it's good, that way focus is on the music. The lyrics oozes of 70's and 80's slasher cinema and it does wear of on the music, like on "Gobble Up Your Guts pt. 3" or "Pink on the Inside".

Mindscraper is a solid death metal effort. It may not be too different, but the American four-piece do have its own style and sound. Mindscraper is hard to avoid if you like grinding old school death metal.

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