1. Talk Shit and Spit Blood
  2. Supervillain Bulls-Eye
  3. Insensible We are
  4. Never Give in
  5. God Fear
  6. What Cows like to Chew...
  7. Scenepool is Closed
  8. The Moral Slide
  9. Self Centred Freedom
  10. Not My Cup of Tea
  11. Gods out of Monsters
  12. Pent Up Rage
  13. The Fists are Formed
  14. Blame it on the Boogy
  15. Lost to Us Forever
  16. The Strike the Fury
  17. High Rank on the Popularity Poll
  18. Bomb the Hague
  19. Lost
  20. Bumper-Sticker Analyses
  21. Faceless
  22. Monomania
  23. Theorising Utopia
BLOOD I BLEED - Gods out of Monsters

GENRE: Grindcore
COUNTRY: Holland
LABEL: Selfmadegod Records
YEAR: 2009

RATING: 4/10
PROVIDED BY: Blood I Bleed

The Dutch four-piece Blood I Bleed play grindcore. The music on Gods out of Monsters is conventional and have a strong vibe of punk and hardcore to it. The songs are mostly very fast and I like that, but a big problem here is that there is little diversity to make it exciting.

A big part of the problem is the vocals. The vocals are an overexcited type of shouting and it just doesn't work very well. The vocals tend to be monotone and drown out a lot of what is going on in the songs. I think it's a shame as the four-piece do try to make the music itself varied, but thanks to the vocals it's very difficult to tell the songs apart and that does get annoying right away.

But I also miss something in the music itself. It is like Blood I Bleed don't quite have the same ability to write good grindcore like Nasum, The Arson Project or Brutal Truth do. Too often it ends up as a noisy blur.

The thin guitar production doesn't help much either. It just makes it even worse. I hate to say it, but Gods out of Monsters isn't a very exciting effort. No matter how I twist and turn it I can't find a song that is interesting. Sure a few okay things pop up along the way, but I miss the catchy parts that so many of the bigger bands have in the music.

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