GENRE: Grindcore
COUNTRY: Holland / Sweden
LABEL: Selfmadegod Records
YEAR: 2010

RATING: 5/10
PROVIDED BY: Blood I Bleed

I didn't like much of what Blood I Bleed did on Gods out of Monsters so I didn't expect anything different from the band on the latest effort with Massgrav and it's good that I didn't. Like on Gods out of Monsters Blood I Bleed play some conventional and unexciting grindcore.

The four-piece mostly play fast, but do slow down a bit now or then or make room for the bass to surface like on "Slowmotion Apocalypse", but diversity and trying something catchy is not the big turning point here. Again it's like Rosco's shouting vocals is a big part of why that is. He does little to vary his vocals and it wears off on the music, but the music itself does also leave something to be needed.

Sure there are some okay inputs here and there, but just like on Gods out of Monsters it's a shame that most of them seem to vanish among the rest of the music.

Massgrav isn't much better, but at least the songs are a little more recognizable. The music is just like Blood I Bleed straight forward grindcore. The inspiration from hardcore and punk is difficult not to notice, but I don't think this is a bad thing. It works well on "Jag Skiter Val I Kampen". Just like Blood I Bleed the vocals are an unexciting shouting and diversity is not a big issue here either, but somehow it does fit the music. It doesn't exactly hurt either that there are two vocalists.

This split CD is by all means a standard effort. There's nothing here set the bands apart from so much else. Of course there doesn't necessarily have to be if the music is appealing and usually I'm not picky, but I do miss a little more variation and catchy parts before I would say it's interesting.

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