The Swedish death metal band Blood Mortized put out the four-song EP Bestial on cassette in February via Nocturnal Blood Records. The EP will soon be out on CD and vinyl on Chaos Records as well. The band is now working on the next CD The Key to a Black Heart. A few days ago I got the chance to chat a bit with guitarist Anders Biazzi about Bestial, the song-writing, the line-up, as well as many other things.

Anders Biazzi interviewed by PSL

You're currently working on your next CD The Key to a Black Heart. What is the status on that effort?
Well, right now we are only in pre-production, adding the final touches on the songs. As well as working on two bonus tracks for the digipack and the vinyl release. The song-writing is going great by the way and I can't wait to get these songs recorded. If everything goes well Mattias is going to start to lay down the drums in a week or so.

Are the songs on the Bestial EP a clue to how the music on The Key to a Black Heart is?
Yeah it gives a good idea to what the album is going to sound like. But we do have some surprises [laughs]. It's going to be old school death metal, but in a different way I think.

Your drummer Mattias Borgh has his own studio and obviously that makes it easier for you to record. Do you handle mixing and mastering yourselves as well?
Yeah, it's great to have a place where we can record and rehears. The only thing is that the rest of the band lives far from the studio. Only Mattias lives close by. So we only rehears like twice a month. Yes, Mattias is going to handle the mixing and mastering process, just like he did on Bestial.

How do you get the grimy guitar tone that you have? Is it the tuning, the pedals, the way you record or a mix of it all?
The mucky sound comes from all elements you mentioned. Tune it down so you barley can play. Get a Boss HM-2 pedal. Let Gustav and me get behind the strings and get Mattias to record and mix it [laughs].

Not too long ago you added guitarist Gustav Myrin to the line-up. Do you feel you have the right line-up now?
Yeah, he's actually one of my best friends. We started playing death metal together in Pathalog way back in 1992, so we work together really good. He's a fast learner so going in the studio won't be a problem.

How do you go about writing songs? Do you write as a band or do each of you just sit home and come up with riffs and parts?
At the time we are not writing as a band, it takes too much time. Mattias Parkkila and I have three children each, so we can't get away to rehears that often. But I sit at home almost every day and write riffs. I come up with whole songs that I send to the rest of the band for feedback. Then Parkkila put down some vocals to the songs at his place. Gustav has also started to write riffs and parts at home, but right now it's my songs for The Key to a Black Heart that is the focus.

Has Gustav contributed to the song-writing or did you write the music prior to him joining the band?
He has contributed a little bit on The Key to a Black Heart. He has written one song and some riffs on another. The rest Mattias Borgh and I did.

What made you put out Bestial on cassette?
We got a great deal from Nocturnal Blood Records and we think it's cool to be able put out music on cassette as it's kind of old school and we like to collect stuff like that ourselves too. You could say that we're kind of addicted to limited editions [laughs].

I understand that Chaos Records will be putting out Bestial on CD and vinyl?
Yeah, it's nice that we at last got a record deal for Bestial. We've tried to get that almost a year now via different labels. We thought that the EP was cursed in some way [laughs]. We were about to release it ourselves as a downloader when our friends from Turbocharged showed their label Chaos Records our first CD. They got hooked right away and got in contact with us. So we're very thankful for that.

I guess The Key to a Black Heart will be out on vinyl as well?
Yeah, we got a deal with Chaos Records about that one too. It's going to be a great release I'm sure. I can't wait to hold it in my hands.

Do you collect LP's yourself?
No, I'm one of those fools who sold my LP's when CD's got popular. I have a couple left, like the first seven Black Sabbath albums. They are all originals.

I understand that you've inked a deal with the German label FDA Rekortz to put out The Key to a Black Heart. What made you go with that label?
We thought that the label was good and I had heard some great things about the guy that runs it from Jimmy who plays in Entrails. They are on the same label.

Is it difficult today to find a good label to put out your music?
Yeah, it's kind of tough. It's like the music business is in a slump right now. And it only seems to get worse [laughs]. If you know what I mean?

Is Blood Mortized a studio band or do you go out on tour as well?
Right now we are a studio band, but are rehearsing a little as we hope to get to play some gigs sooner or later.

Besides the next CD what are the plans in 2011 for Blood Mortized?
We're going to rehears some more and try to get some gigs.

Do any of you play in other bands as well?
Mattias and Parkkila both have other bands. Mattias plays in Arcana and Crypt Of Kerberos. Parkkila plays in Birch Mountain together with Jan Björkenfjäll from Excruciate. He also plays with Benny Moberg, the old guitarist from Blood Mortized in Malfeitor. There's some pretty hard stuff there. You should check them out if you like the more brutal kind of death metal.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Go buy the Bestial EP when it comes out. As well as The Key to a Black Heart when we get that finished. You won't be disappointed I promise.

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