BLUE HOLOCAUST - Twitch of the Death Nerve
Released: October, 2004 | Label: Murder the World | Rating: 1/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Murder the World

01. 6 Women for the Murderer
02. Slaughter Hotel
03. Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence
04. Deep Red
05. All the Colors of the Dark
06. Murder to the Tune of 7 Black Notes
07. Delirious Incision
08. A Butterfly with Blood-Spattered Wings
09. Black Belly of the Tarantula
10. So Sweet So Dead
11. Twitch of the Death Nerve
12. The Tail of the Scorpion
13. Blade of the Ripper [Next]
14. What are These Strange Drops of Blood on her Body
15. The Killer Must Strike Again
16. Plumage of Crystal
17. Cat O'Nine Tails
18. Four Velvet Flies
19. Dancesteps on the Edge of a Razor
20. Murder Obsession
21. Your Vice is a Locked Room...
22. Strip Nude for your Killer
23. What Have You Done to Solange?
24. Eyeball [Wide-Eyed in the Dark]
25. 7 Orchids Stained in Red
26. A Lizard in a Woman's Skin
27. Don't Torture Donald Duck
28. The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire
29. Death Laid an Egg
30. Crimes of the Black Cat
31. She Met Her Fate on a Cold NY Night [Savage Man Savage Beast cover]
32. Under the Eyes of the Assassin

Hmm… I don't really what to say about this one-man goregrind band as it's a pretty disturbing experience. It's Pierre from Braindead Webzine who's behind this. He's done all the instruments himself as well as the artwork. The drums are programmed, but they are done well. What really annoys me about this release is the noisy and thin demo-like production; it really makes it all come across as a blurry and chaotic mess of noise. It doesn't make it any better that the vocals are ultra low and distorted so they sound like a monotone barking without any head or tail. It's obvious that Pierre tries to vary his music, but he does only party succeed. Often it sounds too monotone, sure you can tell some of the songs apart from each other, but that's mainly due to the samples. The songs themselves are completely butchered by the vocals which as I wrote before are unbearable. It doesn't make it better that they lie too high in the mix, banishing the instruments to serve almost only as background noise. The music itself does sound okay at times, but as soon as the vocals set in it all become a flood of mud.

I have a hard time finding anything remotely positive about this, sure there are a probably a few positive things if you look long enough, but I don't have that much time. I guess Twitch of the Death Nerve could have been an interesting encounter if only it have had a better production and a more balanced approach towards the vocals. I'm not sure who this album will appeal to, but you have to be able to accept programmed drums, crappy vocals and a messy production and I'm not, so I honestly wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

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