1. Extremo
  2. Igreja Nuclear
  3. Lembranas Do Holocausto
  4. dio
  5. S.C.C.
  6. Cego
  7. Ordem Do Caos
  8. Rotina De Sangue
  9. Jamais
  10. Coc
  11. Refem Dos Juros
BODHUM - Extremo

GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: 2011

RATING: 6/10

The Brazilian trio Bodhum plays straight forward grindcore. The threesome is inspired by Nasum, Terrorizer and Ratos de Poro among other. The music is simple and energetic. The songs often have an obvious punk and hardcore vibe to them.

The music is overall diverse. The band often moderates its music and takes it somewhat slow, but the trio also let go and play fast a lot of the time. I like that as it provides the music with the needed contrasts. There are a few samples for additional diversity, but the band doesn't overdo it. The songs are all short, and most of them are under a minute and a half. That gives the music an intense and in-your-face type of feel.

The production is dry, but also crunchy. On the whole Extremo is a nice effort. It may not be different from so much else in the genre, but the music is good, and that is what matters.

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