GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia
LABEL: Extreminal Productions
YEAR: 2011

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Extreminal Productions

Surgical Murder Split brings you three different brutal bands from Turkey, Indonesia, and the Philippines; mainly in the death metal genre but with traces of goregrind and thrash metal mixed in as well. This is a great way to present some awesome talent in the metal world that listeners would otherwise might not know about.

Starting with Aktarma Suicide hailing from the Philippines; give us three tracks of straight death metal, "Brutality Killings After Coitus Interuptus", "Injecting Antidote to Oro Hydrocephalus", and "Vulvo Urethral Contraction". All tracks were recorded with precision and nothing too out of balance. My only complaint is the drums sound a little tinny on the second track. The vocals carry a massive amount of aggression, with chugging riffs in the background carried with an old school metal vibe. The third track brings in more of a goregrind element with relentless blastbeats and savage vocals.

Brutalcore, coming out of Turkey, carries an element of thrash metal mixed in with traditional death metal. Very solid guitar riffs combined with low metal growls and onslaught of crushing drumwork. The second track, "No Warning Shot" is an impressive cover that was originally done by Six Feet Under. The third track "You Will Die" sounds like straight thrash and carries an energy that makes you want to start a mosh pit right in the living room.

Finally, straight out of Indonesia, we bring you Morbid Devourment. They deliver three tracks of relentless death metal with ferocity and vocals sounding like they are coming up from the depths of hell itself. The third track, "Pavor Nocturnus" was the most impressive to me with a heavy bass line and searing guitar lead. At times it seemed like they were all over the place but they seemed to be able to bring back it back in with precision and force.

All three of these bands deliver solid slabs of metal on this album that we as listeners and metalheads can definitely appreciate. Now that they've brought themselves out into the spotlight, I am looking forward to hearing what else they have to offer in the near future!

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