1. Malice
  2. Simple Math
  3. End Time
  4. Fuck Cancer
  5. Celebratory Gunfire
  6. Small Talk
  7. .58 Caliber
  8. Swift and Violent [Swift Version]
  9. Crawling Man Blues
  10. Lottery
  11. Warm Embrace of Poverty
  12. Old World Order
  13. Butcher
  14. Killing Planet Earth
  15. Gut-Check
  16. All Work and No Play
  17. Addicted
  18. Sweet Dreams
  19. Echo Friendly Discharge
  20. Twenty Bag
  21. Trash
  22. Drink Up
  23. Control Room

GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Relapse Records
YEAR: September 27th, 2011

RATING: 4/10
PROVIDED BY: Relapse Records

I liked what Brutal Truth did on Evolution Through Revolution. It had some interesting things going on, as well as a good amount of experimentation. The American four-piece do also experiment on End Time, but a common problem is that it doesn't get very exciting. Some of it just feels very arbitrary and noisy.

And contrary to Evolution Through Revolution I can't find any songs I like a lot on End Time. Sure there are bits and pieces that are good, but a lot of the songs tend to be driven by noisy parts. That doesn't make it all that exciting. Another issue on End Time is that the music often is slow and bass-driven. Nothing wrong about that, but tied together with the noisy parts it does get boring almost right away. In a way the music makes me think of drummer Richard Hoak's other band Total Fucking Destruction.

The thin and noisy production doesn't profit the music much. It's like the guitars drown among the drums, bass and vocals. I miss a more balanced and juicy sound. I think that would have made a difference for the better. The band finish it all of with the 15 minute track "Control Room". It's a good example of filler. It's just noise and what seem to be random riffs played on the bass and guitar.

No doubt that experimentation can be a good thing, but Brutal Truth doesn't pull it of on End Time. If you love Total Fucking Destruction then you like End Time, but if you expect clear-cut and in-your-face grindcore then you'll be disappointed.

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