1. Fowl Mouth Old Bigot Who Would Steal the Coat Off a Dead Man
  2. Johnny Depp Overface
  3. Ive Suffered the Plump Pheasant
  4. Raping the Spider Demon
  5. Horny Greenfield Dragonbreath
  6. 50 Pounder
  7. The Serpent Bears the Scowl
  8. St. Peters Lobby
  9. Preparation Montage
  10. Drinking Spit
  11. Anchors of the Armless Gods
  12. I Can Control Your Mind by Smoking Gods Toenail Clippings
  13. Elated Mask of Winter [Diseasum: The Blessed Basket]
  14. Sgt. Perrier
BUCKSHOT FACELIFT - Anchors of the Armless Gods

GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Old Souls Collective
YEAR: 2009

RATING: 5/10
PROVIDED BY: Buckshot Facelift

On the Anchors of the Armless Gods 12" Buckshot Facelift play a noisy type of grindcore mixed with lots of punk and hardcore inputs. It's not different from what the band do on Universal Goat Tilt and like with that effort my feelings towards the music is a bit mixed.

The four-piece are to some degree able to vary the music, but like with Universal Goat Tilt the problem is that there's really not a whole lot in the song-writing that make the songs stand out among each other. I like that the bass gets a lot of room on "Sgt. Ferrier", but that's actually also one of the few exceptions. The band also uses a few samples. These fit well and add to the mood of the songs. The music does have both nerve and attitude, but too often the songs tend to be anonymous and that affect the overall impression a lot.

Just like with Universal Goat Tilt I really have a hard time getting past the vocals. The shouting way that Will sings gets annoying in the long run.

As on Universal Goat Tilt the production is dry and noisy. It does in a way go well with the music, but on the other hand it doesn't provide the band with a very tight sound. If you like Buckshot Facelift or noisy grindcore in general then you might like this 12" a lot more than I did.

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