1. Kill the Pacifist
  2. Mockery
  3. Covenant of Hate
  4. Resurrection of Filth
  5. Sexually Tortured
  6. Prophecies of a Blackened Sun
  7. Wake Up Dead
BURNING CASKETS - To Burn a False Prophet

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: July 12th, 2011

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Burning Caskets

Burning Caskets is a Cambridge, Ontario located five-piece. The Canadians play old school death metal, but with some contemporary inputs. It's obvious that the band draws on a variety of inspirations. The music has both groove as well as some thrash metal like riffing now and then, like on "Kill the Pacifist".

The pace of the music is often moderate. It does work okay, but I miss more fast parts to boost the intensity and nerve of the songs. It does get a little boring on "Mockery" and "Covenant of Hate". The riffs and the musicianship in general is not bad, but I miss more of that "in your face" sort of approach that a song like "Resurrection of Filth" has, otherwise it all gets tiring too quickly.

The music is diverse in terms of riffs. It's obvious that the five-piece has many good ideas. Unfortunately it drowns a bit because of the often slow pace. The songs work the best when the band gear up a step or two. A positive thing is that the five Canadians understand how to play heavy, like on "Sexually Tortured". That works well and I like how the bass does its work in the background.

The production is slick and thick. It definitely adds a little extra to the music. The band finish it all of with Megadeth's "Wake Up Dead". The band does pull off a good job on that track, but it doesn't change anything overall. To Burn a False Prophet is above all an alright effort. There are of course always thing to make better, but for a debut it could have been a lot worse.

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