1. Blank Visuals
  2. Stained Glass Revelations
  3. Catenation of Adversity
  4. Degeneration Requiem
  5. The Arsonist
BY THE PATIENT - Catenation of Adversity

GENRE: Deathcore
COUNTRY: Denmark
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: 2009

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: By The Patient

By The Patient plays deathcore. Catenation of Adversity is some of the most brutal and heavy I've heard from a Danish band so far. The songs are fast, but with lots of breakdowns and slam parts to create the needed variation. It's obvious that band master the fast parts, but definitely also the slower and more groovy parts.

Sure the music isn't all that different from many American bands, but By The Patient are good at what they do. The song-writing is competent, the riffs are good and the music on the whole is tight, brutal and in your face.

It definitely doesn't hurt either that there's some startling solo-work on "Blank Visuals" and "The Arsonist". It's a huge plus that adds to the feel of the music. The vocals are generic, but varied enough not to affect anything in a bad way.

The production is thick, juicy and with lots of volume. It has the right balance where nothing tends to vanish in favour of something else. Catenation of Adversity is Americanized deathcore done the Danish way and the result is exciting. By The Patient is the most promising upcoming band to come out of Denmark in while.

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