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CAEDERE - Clones of Industry

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: The Netherlands
LABEL: Grotesque Productions
YEAR: December 12th, 2009

RATING: 8/10

The music on Clones of Industry is high octane death metal. The music is brutal and in your face, but not in a way where it tends to get too much. The five-piece is good a combining the fast with moderate and slow parts. I like that the Dutchmen doesn't just rely on playing fast, but adds lots of catchy riffs and fat grooves to the songs. There's a good balance in the song-writing and it does make a difference.

The music often have a US death metal meets Swedish death metal type of vibe to it, but to me it also have a bit in common with Iniquity, although I wouldn't go as far as saying that the music is alike. Michiel Lankhorst's vocals are not that different from how Mads Haarløv sang in Iniquity and that's mostly where I find the link. The vocals are low end type of growls, but not the kind that most brutal bands use. The vocals go really well with the music and the result is most convincing. On a song like "Scorn" I notice a bit of Immolation type of riffing, but it's nothing that is too obvious.

Solos are not widely used, but a few pop up now and then, and adds some emotion to the songs. Above all the music is conventional and it's obvious that Caedere is not trying to reinvent the genre all over again. The production is the type of death metal production that I love. It's thick and meaty, and it fits the music just right and makes it all a little more dense.

Clones of Industry is above all a conventional effort, but it has what it takes to stay interesting and that to some degree set it apart from much of what else is put out these days. If you like death metal that is brutal, but also catchy then you should have no problem liking what this Dutch five-piece is doing.

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