Released: 2008 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Carnal Rapture

01. Precious Time
02. Caught Off Guard
03. Hate You and Adore You
04. Poison My Soul
05. Arms Tied Back

On Promo 2008 the Italian trio Carnal Rapture plays technical death metal. The music has a jazzy and almost funky vibe now and then. It's in the vein of Sadist and Pestilence around Spheres, but unlike the aforementioned Carnal Rapture is not able to capture the same nerve and vitality in the music.

There's lots going on in the songs, but I miss more diversity in the tempo. It would have been nice with some faster parts to provide some contrast to the slow and moderate parts. As it is now the pace centre on the moderate and that do get boring despite of the many other things going on in the music. Moreover a solo or two to create additional variation would have been nice too. Another issue is that it often feels like the trio recycles the some of the riffs a bit too much.

I think Carnal Rapture do have some good ideas, but to this reviewer it feels like the Italians have trouble transforming it to something enjoyable. The five songs on Promo 2008 show that Carnal Rapture have work to do before the band can compete with Sadist, Pestilence or Cynic.

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