1. The Incorrigible Flame
  2. Warbots A.M.
  3. Abraxas of Filth
  4. Pure Horses
  5. Cordyceps Humanis
  6. Raped by an Orb
  7. P.G.A.D.
  8. Dimensional Modulation Transmography
  9. Ohrwurm
  10. When I Arrive
  11. Power and Force
  12. A King and a Thief
  13. Repangaea
  14. Aeyeuchg!
CEPHALIC CARNAGE - Misled by Certainty

GENRE: Grindcore / death metal
LABEL: Relapse Records
YEAR: August 31st, 2010

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: Relapse Records

Hmm, I was not a big fan of Cephalic Carnage ahead of Xenosapian, but that effort changed my view on the band and the music. The songs are detailed and the five-piece try-out lots of different things. The music is mostly made up by grindcore and death metal, but there are bits and pieces of sludge, doom and jazz mixed in as well. The songs are unconventional, but cohesive and catchy.

There are many changes in the songs. I like that the music regularly change and go in a different direction. It makes it that more interesting and erratic. The songs are fast and slow, and in general it's all very diverse. Another thing that adds loads to the songs is the bass. It's easy to hear and do get lots of space on "Ohrwurm" and "A King and a Thief" among other.

The five Americans use a bit of saxophone on Ohrwurm" and "Repangaea". I love this as it gives the music a whole different kind of feel, a murk and gloomy sort of feel and that just makes those songs all that better.

Just like the music itself the vocals are varied. The vocalist Leonard Leal uses the standard death metal vocals, but often change to a more shouting type as well as an almost Mastodon type of vocal on "Repangaea". And that's what I like about Misled by Certainty that it has so much different going on in each piece of the music.

If you're a fan of Xenosapian then you'll love Misled by Certainty It's an effort that belongs among the ten best of 2010. So if you like music that isn't conventional then go and take a closer look at Misled by Certainty.

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