COLLISION - Roadkiller
Released: 2006 | Label: Bones Brigade | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Bones Brigade

01. Oh My Goth
02. Redneck Rampage
03. On the Loose to Reproduce
04. Drama Queen
05. Kill Phil
06. Heading for the End
07. Twins of Evil
08. Avoid the Masses
09. Body Building Blowout
10. Kung Fu Chicks with Dirty Tricks
11. Car Crash Cruelty
12. Cattle Killing Creatures
13. Attitude
14. A New Age of Stupidity

At first I didn't really like Roadkiller that much. It was mostly because of the shout-like-mad type of vocals, but also the very present hardcore kind of vibe that the music has turned me off. Nonetheless I decided to give it another try and after a couple more listens the music began to grow and I realized that there's actually some pretty damn good grindcore found on Roadkiller.

As you probably already can imagine the Dutchmen doesn't just play on all the familiar clichés found in this particular genre of extreme music. The songs also has bits of thrash metal and death metal in them, but most of all they have a very apparent hardcore kind of feel which definitely takes some work to get properly used to, but I can say it's worth the effort. The band is quite good at coming up with some catchy straight-in-your-face songs like "Oh My Goth", "Heading for the End" and "Kung Fu Chicks with Dirty Tricks". Another thing that is an asset is the dual vocals. The fact that there are two vocalists varies things further. Wouter and Björn change between hardcore type of vocals and death metal growls.

All the songs are rather short, but still quite diverse and catchy. In an awkward way it sort of remind me of what Nasum did. Not that the music has much in common with Nasum. It's more the way that Collision bind these relatively short songs together into what feels like one long track and I find this to be an asset. It's obvious that these Dutch grindcore crazyheads are no newcomers in this game. Roadkiller may not be full-fledged grindcore from start to finish, but if you can accept this then there's actually a very good CD found here.

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