1. Ethical Betrayal
  2. Management Coat Competition
  3. Savour the Flavour
  4. For the Greater Good Pt1 – The Best Intentions
  5. For the Greater Good Pt2 – In the Cold Light of Day
  6. The Beacon
  7. Frozen in Apathy
  8. Blofeld Never Died
COLONEL BLAST - For the Greater Good

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: England
LABEL: Condate Records
YEAR: June 7th, 2010

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Invisible Hippo PR

I did a bit of browsing on the web to find info on the English five-piece Colonel Blast. What I ended up with was mostly info on the cartoon character by the same name from the He-man comics. However there's nothing cartoonish about the music that the five Englishmen play. The music is modern death metal, but a little more than just that.

The band is inspired by Converge, Cryptopsy and many others. I don't think it's too far off to say that it does wear off on the music. In particular the hints to Converge are obvious. The band also adds a bit of black metal riffing here and there, and it does fit well with the other inputs. The music is diverse. It has a nice mix of slow, moody parts and fast, in-your-face brutal death metal parts.

It works well and I like that the song-writing doesn't just go for the slow or the fast, but tries to blend the two in an interesting way and I think that is what makes For the Greater Good exciting. Songs like "The Beacon", "Management Coat Competition" and "Blofeld Never Died" are some examples of the diversity that the music has. The vocals are the often used mix of shouting and low end death metal-like vocals. I like that and it work the way it should, but it doesn't contribute with anything different to the music.

I like what the band is doing, but if I take a step back and look at the big picture then there's not much, if anything on For the Greater Good that hasn't already been tried before. That of course that doesn't make the music less interesting and the five-piece do add enough personality to the songs so it doesn't feel like just another run-of-the-mill effort.

The production is not all that chunky, but it's not thin either. It has a somewhat noisy ring to it here and there. It fits the music and helps emphasize many of the facets that I like about the music.

For the Greater Good is an effort that has what it takes to be interesting for more than just a while. If you like Converge or death metal that isn't too conventional then there's a chance that you'll like the music on For the Greater Good.

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