COMO MUERTOS - Como Muertos
Released: 2007 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Como Muertos

01. Demembrado a Machetazos
02. El Antro de La Disgrcia
03. Salidos de Tierra
04. Necrofista
05. Orgia
06. Despertaddos por el Maestro

French horror deathers Como Muertos formed in February 2007. The trio appear to be inspired by bands like Spain's Machetazo and Resurrection Through Carnage-era Bloodbath. Just like so many other bands Como Muertos also rely a lot on samples from horror-movies. It really helps create a disturbing vibe. Another thing that adds to the ominous feel is that the band chose to sing in Spanish. It makes the music appear even dimmer.

Of course there's absolute nothing different in what Como Muertos is showing on this demo, but the music is a of a calibre that allows them to get away it with it without just vanishing between what else is out there. The songs are varied, but mostly focused on the slower elements. This is also one of the things that give the music an old school feel. It's quite clear that the trio has potential to create something very interesting and they are well on their way no matter how unoriginal their approach may be.

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