The debut Muay Thai Ladyboys from the brutal New Yorker band Copremesis is not exactly a CD that oozes of anything that you wouldn't already expect from the genre, but it's a great work of brutal death metal and definitely among the better releases of 2008. I recently asked guitarist/vocalist Paulo Paguntalan a series of questions about different subjects like the music, the process of recording, the bizarre booklet and many other things.

Paulo Paguntalan interviewed by PSL

Copremesis was formed in 2001 and you just recently released your debut full-length. What took so long?
There are three main reasons which are various line-up changes, laziness and procrastination. We started out as a four piece, Wilson, Daniel, Alex and me. When we amicably split with Wilson, Daniel took over the drum duties. Few years later, things weren't really going well for any of us in life, Daniel recruited for the military. Daniel hauled ass to record the drums and his bass parts right before he left for boot camp. After he left, Alex and I were the only ones left and we just got really lazy and procrastinated. With no pressure we just dilly-dallied; until Paragon Records hit us up again on releasing the album. With them we finally got our asses in gear and when we finally met Ian of Castevet and Ash And Elm through our friend Dan that's when we started playing shows again and finally hit the road for the first time this pass summer with Defeated Sanity, Mucopus and Sexcrement.

Muay Thai Ladyboys is a bizarre title and the booklet is definitely not for those with a weak stomach either. I've read reviews that either hate or love the music, but a common thing is the shock of the title and booklet. How have the general reactions to the CD been so far?
You practically nailed it. The music is targeted towards the brutal deathgrind subgenre and we've been getting positive feedbacks from that fan base, but besides from our familiar territory everyone hates it and thinks its rehashed garbage. Both camps are puzzled with the album title, but it definitely sums up the album and the band perfectly. It's an oxymoron, but definitely a reality. Nong Toom is a real muay Thai ladyboy and was once a Thai Kick Boxing champion. We've heard reactions about people being really disgusted by it, others hysterically laughing about it and some flat out refuse to associate themselves with us simply because of the artwork and layout.

The artwork is somewhat atypical for a brutal death metal CD. Was this something you wanted it to be from the beginning?
Yes, we already did the gore theme on the Pustulated split CD. We're very proud of the artwork and layout. I went to a local record shop and 20 feet away it stood out from the other titles there because of its bright colours. It was a conscious effort to make the album stand out from our peers. Keeping it minimal, no logo and no explanation hoping the person to purchase it and be genuinely surprised by what the album actually sounds. The artwork is the icing and is there for the shock value. we want to weed out those who don't have the sense of our toilet humour with the face value of the album and hope that people can get pass beyond that and just "get it". The artwork is a foreshadowing of everything that we'll release for the future. No one can say that we turned gay because we already have the gayest artwork and layout in metal with our most brutal release.

I hear references in the music to Serenadium era Iniquity, but also Malignancy and goregrind bands like The Day Everything Became Nothing and Last Days Of Humanity appear to have been an inspiration?
Wow, you must have some good ears [laughs]! I'm sure we butchered an assload of riffs from Iniquity and Malignancy. Both of those bands have been a big inspiration for us and will be our constant muse where we rip off riffs from! That groovy goregrind definitely came from the Cock And Ball Torture influence, Alex rocks out hard to Cock And Ball Torture a whole lot and is obsessed with those huge grooves. Collectively we've been always obsessed the Last Days Of Humanity, Brodequin and the Mexican Disgorge's wall-of-sound-blast-blur. It's just obscenely brutal that it's mind meltingly hilarious. I've noticed in this subgenre there's a trend with being a very clean, ultra tight, processed, cold and technical. We are the antithesis of that. We are sloppy and we blast as fuck. With this album we want that obvious threat of poop being flown across the room by a horde of zombies.

You recorded most of the music in Alex's room. Was it the most convenient for you to do it this way?
You just have to pray that the neighbours not calling the cops on you. We had to resort to this instead going to the studio. Low in funds and options makes you do some real creative shit. We recorded the guitars and vocals through Alex's room. After 10:00pm we had to shut recording down in fear of getting fines or be arrested.

The production is fat and meaty, but not too blurry. Did you toy around with the sound and did you get the result you were looking for?

We tried to get certain guitar tones as close as possible, but it's always hard, Aborted's Goremageddon, Iniquity's The Hidden Lore were the albums we were aiming for, but we don't have the budget, but we tried. We disagree about not being blurry, it's blurry and boy, we're glad because during those parts it helps hide our sloppiness. We're never happy; it's a constant learning experience. Mixing and mastering are a complete tedious bitch and Alex had to do all of that. I would've helped except I have no fucking idea how that shit works.

Today it's more a rule than an exception to have tons of poor porn or B-movie type of samples on a death metal CD. Could you explain why you didn't go for that kind of thing?
We just wanted to go straight to the throat. This album is us in our most pure and brutal form, from here is where we depart and fag it up. We were inspired by Last Days of Humanity's swansong album. That didn't have any samples and the breaks between the songs were so short that the whole album just sounds like a huge blur. We want that effect except we intentionally didn't have any breaks to constantly and rapidly pummel the listener into submission. If you have problems distinguishing one song from another there's buttons in your CD/Mp3/Computer that tells you which song is which [laughs].

There's a hidden track on the CD with a rendition of a Vomit Remnants song. What made you decide on that track and why hide it?
We've always loved that song, it always brings the hyperslams and it fits well with the theme of the album. It's not really a hidden track if you're familiar with the song. I mean, jeez it is right after the song! That's not hidden [laughs]!

You recorded the CD as a trio, but what's the status on the current line-up?
Alex and I still both play the guitar and do the vocals. We've welcomed Ian as the drummer! He's a very strong work-ethic and he's what we need because Alex and I are both lazy-asses.

How's the cooperation with Paragon Records? They seem like a label that actually put an effort in promoting their bands? Are you going to release another CD via them?
Paragon Records fucking rules. I still can't believe all the shit they've done for us. They definitely promote their bands and with us they went an extra 7k miles! Just the fact that they put this album out is flat out dedication. I'd love to have our future releases with Paragon, but it's up to the rest of the band and the label. Like I've said before, our new shit is as gay as a unicorn getting reamed by a rainbow that Manowar rubbed their asses with.

You recently did a short tour with Defeated Sanity, Mucopus and Sexcrement. Do you plan to tour more in support of the CD or will you limit it to a few shows?
Just few shows, tough times ahead and will inevitably getting tougher. The US economy is a piece of shit and it makes it really hard funding a tour, it's getting harder to maintain jobs, rents, gas, food and everything else are getting more expensive thanks to greedy asshole fat cats who don't give a shit about the rest of the population. We'd love to hit up the West Coast with our pals Man Destroys Himself and South East Asia with hopefully Down From The Wound, Pus Vomit and Human Mastication, but at this moment it's not doable.

Most people know bands like Immolation, Suffocation, Malignancy, Internal Bleeding and Pyrexia, but how is the New York death metal underground doing nowadays?
Very jaded. It doesn't help that almost every awesome show here are 21+ that totally limits having younger audience to witness and participate the underground shows. A few years back we snuck in as long we didn't drink or do anything stupid to ruin the fun for the rest of the folks and because of that we've seen tons of amazing bands from Brodequin, Vomit Remnants, Morgue, 4:20, Prophecy to name some, but lately because of people like Anita of Somberlain Productions, Lee of The Communion, Curran of Wetnurse and Lou of T.G.S. and their abiding love for this music there has been a resurgence of more people coming out to shows and supporting awesome bands! Everything fluctuates.

What next is planned for Copremesis?
We were supposed to be on this Last Days Of Humanity tribute, but we haven't heard anything recently, besides that a split tape with our pals from Buckshot Facelift and an EP.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Sorry for the delay, thank you for your patience, life happens and you get stuck on things. Even though we're all in the shitter these days, remember that things will only get worse, just take it all in and relax. Live life, hug your parents and tell them you love them.

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