The Danish death metallers Corpus Mortale recently released their debut album With Lewd Demeanor via Holland's Neurotic Records. I thought it would be appropriate to get the story on how this excellent old school death metal album was conceived. I approached the band and got bass player and vocalist Martin Rosendahl to answer a few questions.

Martin Rosendahl interviewed by PSL

Would you start out by giving a brief history of how Corpus Mortale was conceived and the upbringing of this monster?
Nick started the band in 1993 as a hobby band! I joined early 1994! In 1995 we recorded our debut demo, and after a lot of good feedback we grew more serious! This resulted in some line-up problems which haven't really been solved until lately! But as all other bands we just played as much live as possible, and recorded demo's to try getting a deal going! Actually we've recorded 5 demos before we finally signed a record deal!

As far as I can tell most of the music on With Lewd Demeanor are brand new. You've only included two songs from the Succumb to the Superior MCD. Correct?
Well... To you they are brand new, but the songs has been written between 1999 and 2002 so some are new some are old! As you mention there are two Succumb... songs on the disc, furthermore all three songs from the Sombre And Vile demo are present, and finally five exclusive tracks and a re-recorded and re-arranged bonus song from the very first demo!

The info sheet describe you music as being "old school death metal with a modern twist", a very fitting description. Did you self come up with this term?
No it wasn't our idea, the label guy wrote it! Since its hard to descibe your own music we couldn't really come up with a short fitting desciption! But when we read it we just said: hey... he says it like it is! The pure old death feeling mixed with some new-death and thrash parts!

I spot some references to Iniquity in your music. I guess it's not that strange a thing since some of you used to play in Iniquity. Do you try to distance yourselves from that comparison or don't you think of this when creating songs?
Ehh...You got us on this one! When you've played in such a great band as Iniquity it's impossible not to get just a little bit influenced by the music! Furthermore has Brian Eriksen, which are now gone forever in the metal scene, composed a great deal of the music on The Hidden Lore and Five Across The Eyes so it's hard to change the riffing style! But it's never in mind when we make new songs, we just put together riffs we think sounds cool, and thats all that is to it! If you think too much about others when composing it will either be rip-off or too though if you now what I mean!

In my opinion you've managed to create a pretty diverse album ranging from furious, hellish riffing and mad drum galore to slower and mid-paced parts making it a varied affair to listen to. Many bands these days try to sound somewhat like Krisiun or Hate Eternal and just go on full throttle all the way, but you haven't. Is it because it's unchallenging only to play fast?
It's not really unchallenging to make fast music, we just like to play other stuff too! To me[us] metal music is both brutality and atmosphere! So we try to make some music that is suitable for both listening and banging! We've allways been like that, and after allmost ten years of Corpus Mortale we still haven't followed any trends! So the conclusion must be that it's all we know! We'll never end up blasting all the way, and we'll never end up like Metallica changing style drastically for every new album!

Which bands inspire you? I don't really spot any besides the obvious link to Iniquity.

We all get inspired by different stuff, all metal ofcourse! Nick listen to everything between Strapping Young Lad and sickos like Suffocation, Malevolent Creation etc., Roars heart lies mostly in the old heavy metal style you primary Judas Priest, Slayer, Ozzy and so on, my own tastes are a mix of the classic death period [88-94] and the new stuff! Favourites must be: Carcass, Vader, Suffocation, Macabre and a shit load of others!

What topics do the lyrics deal with? Are they reality based or plain fiction?
In the old days the lyrics were personal reality based stuff! But as the time passed I felt they got to be too unbrutal! With a name that means "dead body" it's gotta be brutal right? So I've changed into writing about real life killers! It fits the music and concept much better, and in my opinion more interresting. But on the album there's still some of the old lyrics left. Namely those to the Succumb to the Superior. songs!

You aren't exactly newcomers to the Danish metal scene. How come it took so long for you to get your first record out? I mean perhaps you didn't fell the time was right until now?
Yeah it's been an almost endless journey! We've always been on the look out for a deal, but now I'm really happy that we didn't sign earlier. If we had made an album earlier, I think it would have been crap! We've had so much trouble with the line-up between 1999 and now that it would have become some unpersonal shit with some old crappy songs written by people long gone! So I guess you're right, the time was right until now!

I assume the European tour with Konkhra was your first? Any [fun] stories to tell?
Ohh man... You wouldn't beleive how fucked up things were! I could write several pages with negative aspects, mainly about the tour management! But we just try to forget that side of it! Besides that there was some really cool shows! Especially Croatia and Poland were great! But if you wan't a fun story? In Croatia we say a guy getting a blow-job just outside the entrance! In full public! Fucked up! Also the guys from Konkhra allmost convinced their bass played to stick his cannabis up the ass! That would have been hilarous [laughs].

How has the response to the new CD been so far?
Since it's only been out in 14 days, we have only seen about 5 or 6 reviews, but all of them has been really posive! So time will tell!

Do you tour as a three piece or do you have a session guitar player brought along?
We did plan to bring along Mads from Iniquity, but he couldn't miss school and he had a son born just two weeks before tour start! Then we tried another guy, but he hadn't the experience to do it! So in the end we just went as a three piece, and it went fine! In the future we'll use Mads as a session guitar player untill a suitable replacement comes up.

How did you hook up with Neurotic Records?
After sending promos out to almost every label on the face of the earth, we phoned Sigtyr [Exmortem/Pestifer Records] but he hadn't the time nor finances to do it. Then he told us to contact Ruud [Label manager Unique Leader Europe]! He digged the music and was very keen on releasing it. We needed to get the cd ready for tour and he managed to start up the label, the website, sign a contract with us, press the cds and t-shirts in just one month! Impressive!

They seem to be a very small label with limited resources. Are you satisfied with them?
We've just started our collaboration with them so it's too early to complain about anything! So far he has kept his word in everything we've dicussed! He's also very fast to answer mails etc.!

How is the scene in Copenhagen? I've heard it's pretty much none existing these days!!
Yeah...It's quite close to extinction! But once in a while there's some ok shows! We did a show with Konkhra the other night and there was well over a hundred people! That doesn't sound like much, but here it is quite a success! All in all things has been getting a little better the last couple of years! But in the end it sucks ass!

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for your questions and good luck in your future! To all of you out there... Support the metal underground! It really needs it! Buy CD's! Don't steal them! Check out our stuff you wont be disappointed! Kill...

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