CORPUS MORTALE - With Lewd Demeanor
Released: November 23st, 2003 | Label: Neurotic | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Superion

01. Mass Funeral Pyre
02. Exaltation of the Macabre
03. Force Fed Obiedience
04. The Dismal Recurrance
05. Sombre and Vile
06. Lucid Dreaming
07. Succumb to the Superior
08. Tragical Art
09. Undesirable
10. The Illaffected/Too Dark to See

The Danish deathters Corpus Mortale are finally ready to unleash their fury upon the world in the shape of their debut CD With Lewd Demeanor. The band has been haunting the Danish underground scene for little over 10 years. It's beyond me why they haven't been signed earlier!

Anyway, the music reminds me a quite a bit of another Danish band, namely Iniquity, and that's actually not that strange since both vocalist/bass player Martin Rosendahl and former members Brian Eriksen and Jens Lee used to play in Iniquity. However, it would be totally unfair to judge Corpus Mortale as being Iniquity #2. The info sheet that followed the CD described the music as old school death metal with a modern touch, and I couldn't really describe it any better myself. Most of the songs are played at a moderate pace and this is also where the band really do themselves most justice. Slower songs such as "Lucid Dreaming", "Succumb to the Superior" and "Undesirable" work really well and show that death metal does not necessarily has to be centred around how fast you can play. The songs are well-arranged and -structured, making it fairly easy to tell them apart. And the two instrumental tracks "The Dismal Recurrance" and "Tragical Art" help to provide further variation in the music due to the use of piano and acoustic guitars. A thing I noticed was the more you listen to the album, the more details seem to surface, making it still sounding fresh and interesting even after multiple listens.

To sum things up: this is a worthy debut which Corpus Mortale can be proud of. But it is by no means an original or unique effort even if it's very much above average. So if you like good old school death metal, then it would be a good idea to add With Lewd Demeanor to your collection.

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