Released: 2008 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 3/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Corrosive Elements

01. We All Bleed Red
02. Losers
03. Force Fed Lies
04. Chaos Unleashed

On the info sheet following this demo it says that Corrosive Elements play death n' roll, but I must admit that I totally disagree on this. To me death n' roll is what Entombed did on Wolverine Blues and Grave on Soulless. The music Corrosive Elements play don't have anything in common with the aforementioned bands. What I do hear is a band that play modern death metal mixed with a variety of other genres.

A thing that gets apparent almost right away is the audible bass. It's an important part of the Corrosive Elements sound and it have an almost funk type of feel to it at times. It provides the music with additional nuances, but nothing that makes it more appealing. The music is varied, but not particular exciting. There are really no catchy parts to get my attention. The songs are mostly mid-tempo orientated and to be honest the momentum is not very high. It makes the songs appear without any real drive or intensity.

The many different influences tend to make the music messy. It's like the band can't quite decide in which direction they are going. The band can play, but it doesn't sound very tight and the music sure lacks some serious punch. No matter how I twist and turn it I fail to notice anything interesting in what Corrosive Elements is doing.

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