CROPMENT - Spiral of Violence
Released: May 14th, 2004 | Label: Fast Beast | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Fast Beast

01. Stream of Justice
02. Bloody Innocence
03. Day by Day
04. Ethic Genetic
05. Cold as Blood
06. Atheistic Thoughts
07. Spiral of Violence
08. Hypnotic Mass Suggestion
09. The Age of Terrorism
10. Nuclear Holocaust
11. Fear of Death [live]

Damn, I've never heard of Swiss death metallers Cropment or Fast Beast Entertainment before. Of course I'm aware that I cannot be familiar with every death metal band or label on this fucked up planet…anyway Cropment is ready with their full-length debut Spiral of Violence and honestly I'm not overly impressed due to various factors.

The band plays brutal death metal of the older kind. I usually like this kinda death metal a lot but unfortunately Spiral of Violence quickly becomes somewhat dull and monotone with the exception of one or two songs. None of the songs really seem catchy and memorable and that pulls down in a huge way. Sure there are like I wrote before one or two songs that stick out. Like for instance "Bloody Innocence" and "Cold As Blood" but that's far too few to keep the record interesting. It's obvious that the band try to vary their music by incorporating slower parts in between all the blasting and vocalist René Barthoulot also does a fine job in varying his voice but somehow it doesn't really help 'cause the music still tends to sounding the same. Perhaps some of the reason lies in the production which seems a little thin and thereby the band doesn't come across as sounding tight.

Of course you might ask yourself why I give it three in score when I apparently don't like the record much. Well, I give the music two and a half and then a half point for the charm of the album 'cause oddly enough there is something appealing and drawing about Spiral of Violence.

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