The brutal death metallers Crucifix have been a part of the Danish underground since the early nineties, but the band has been silent for the last couple of years due to various reasons. Crucifix recently put out their third demo Where Angels Rot and in that conjunction I thought it would be interesting to learn a little more about their whereabouts and doings so I came up with a few questions and dropped the band a mail and the result is as follows.

Lars Groth, Jens Killhailer and Morten Flindt interviewed by PSL

You recently released your new demo Where Angels Rot. How has the response been so far?
The response has been pretty good. Some people seem to think that we sound too old school and outdated but a big fuck off to them. Death metal is supposed to be dirty and evil like back in the day. Most bands play light metal now and confuse it with death metal and they are a disgrace to the scene. The real death freaks seem to love the demo though. Hopefully we will sound even more old school in the future and remain a fist in the face of the soft Danish scene of today.

Crucifix has been around since the early 90's, but you've only released three demos so far! Are the other reasons for this besides trouble with the line-up?
As you yourself point out, we've been very unlucky regarding line-up changes all the time. Every person in a band knows how hard it is to find decent new members to replace old friends. Living in a part of Denmark where musicians are few didn't make it any easier. Also, we needed a break from each other. Back then some of the members had been together for a very long time! We also had to deal with death in the band. First when the original singer got killed in an accident, but later on Lars' mother died of cancer. All in the band grew up together so this was very hard on us.

I read somewhere that you were close to getting signed based on the Extermination demo, but things fell to the ground. Is this is this another reason why you have laid low for such a long time?
Yeah that's one reason. We didn't make the record because some of the members, three to be exact, left the band right after we were approached by Diehard Music. And when we finally got around playing some new material to them, they didn't like it. Also we still hadn't a complete line-up so we couldn't play live. But their strongest reason for not cutting a deal with us was that the new material wasn't brutal enough! But honestly, listen to the new demo and tell us if you don't find it brutal and fast! We don't play metal the Illdisposed or The Haunted style. It seems as if everyone plays this type of metal today. That's not our style. We like it fast, evil and dirty.

When and why did you decide to reactivate Crucifix?
Lars and Morten decided to try once again back in November 2004. The line-up is the same as before except we had a new singer. We felt that the time was right and also there was Danish Melodeath Grand Prix [a contest] in Aarhus a couple of months later so we had something to look forward to.

You've had some line-up problems over the years. Have you finally solidified the line-up?
After the gig in Aarhus we decided that a new singer was needed so we called on our former frontman Jens Killhailer of Victimizer and Church Bizarre. He stepped up and we hope that the current line-up is also the final.

I understand that Where Angels Rot is going to be released through Grüft Prodüktion. Is there any difference that release and the demo?
We received an email from a guy in Poland who asked us if he could distribute the demo in Poland. We said yes. That's really it. Nothing fancy about that.

I assume you're still looking for a label or will you release more through Grüft Prodüktion?
We are still looking for a label who will sign us. Grüft Prodüktions cannot offer us anything worthwhile, so he just ships the demo around down there [laughs]

There's quite a difference between the material on Where Angels Rot and your previous demo Extermination. Is this due to natural progression or the many changes in personnel?
Back in the Extermination days the music was written together as a band. Today all the music is written by Lars and Morten and when they decide to play something for the rest of the band Jens comes in and writes the lyrics. Also, back then all in Crucifix was very much into Suffocation so it was only natural that the music sounded like it does on Extermination. Today we have a much broader variety in the musical influences.

Extermination was produced by Jacob Hansen, but this time you chose Alberto Gallista to produce. What were your reasons for doing so?
Financial reasons more or less. With Alberto we had more time in the studio to experiment a bit. We are quite happy with the overall product [also thanks to the mastering by Jacob Hansen]. The next release will probably be recorded somewhere else though, with a producer who has more roots in extreme metal. Alberto is more of a heavy metal/hard rock kind of guy and he does not understand where a band like us is coming from musically speaking.

Your sound appears to be strongly rooted in how Danish death metal sounded in the early and mid 90's. Do you have any explanation on why that is?
We don't think we sound typical Danish at all, We have never been into Danish metal apart from Mercyful Fate, Artillery and lots of obscure heavy metal and thrash bands from the early to late eighties like for instance Batallion, Mirage, Witchcross, Alien Force, Metal Cross, Evil, Nigro Mantia, Samhain, Desexult [first demo only] and stuff like that. It's safe to say that none of us have roots in bands like Illdisposed, Konkhra and so on. Nothing against those bands personally, but they are not really the kind of death metal we like. In our opinion Crucifix anno 2005 has its prime roots in the old American scene with a tad of the Swedish style as well [think the early brutal scene, not the melodic Gothenburg shit]

Are there any bands in particular who have been a source of inspiration or have had a direct impact on your music?
There is no point in denying that the old stuff by bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Immolation, Death, Grave and Incantation to name a few have inspired us, but we have vary varied taste within the band.

Are any of you involved in other bands besides Crucifix?
Jens is a very busy man. Besides running his own label Pentagram Warfare, he's also the founding member of Vitimizer and Church Bizarre and when that's not enough he and another friend of ours have formed Opus Obscurium. Until recently Lars has been playing in a few bands. He was fulltime member of Lunar Caustic and session drummer for Vitimizer and Church Bizarre. He is in the progress of joining another band but since is not official yet we can't go into details. Morten was also in Lunar Caustic, but when they broke up he decided only to focus on Crucifix. Besides he recently got a daughter so that's taking a lot of his time. Mċns and Martin have formed a band in which they play when they are not busy with Crucifix.

Do you have any live shows in the melting pot at the moment?
On November 12th we will destroy Odense alongside Spectral Mortuary and Dawn Of Demise. We will return to Herning sometime in Marts 2006 to fuck things up once again.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Keep death metal dark and satanic and let all the faggots and pussies play nu-metal!

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