CRUCIFIX - Where Angels Rot
Released: 2005 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Crucifix

01. Violence in the Flesh
02. Where Angels Rot
03. Bloodrush
04. Perception of the World
05. The Cleansing Storm

Yet another Danish death metal band I've never ever heard of before and this despite of the fact that Crucifix has been around since 1993, but apparently the band have had their share of ups and downs. Due to several changes in the line-up and breaks in between the band has only just released their third demo Where Angels Rot. Crucifix was actually close to signing a deal with Diehard Music in 1998, but was skipped in the last minute. Crucifix state in the info-sheet that they are inspired by Malevolent Creation, Hate Eternal and Unholy Ghost, but I don't really hear many resemblances with the last two, but I do spot a bit of Centinex in "The Cleansing Storm". The band sound like most Danish death metal bands did in the mid 90's and it's actually kind of refreshing to hear a band playing this type of death metal these days.

Right from the furious opener "Violence in the Flesh" the band kicks into the high gear. From start to finish Where Angels Rot blast ahead, but it doesn't come across as one long pummel. The songs switch back and forth in pace which adds tremendously to the durability of the material. Despite of some clear references to other bands I still think the band has enough own identity to stand alone, but still it wouldn't hurt to evolve further and thereby achieve a more independent sound. The music doesn't sound super-tight, but this is properly due to the production which [surprise] does sound very demo-like. Crucifix definitely have the potential and if they continue as they've shown on Where Angels Rot then I wouldn't be surprised if we see them sign with a label in a year or two.

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