Released: May 1st, 2009 | Label: Prime Cuts | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Prime Cuts

01. The Veiny Shaft of Justice
02. Breastaurant
03. Finntrollop
04. Technical Brutal Death Metal Song
05. Face Breaks and Sperm Cakes
06. Hommusexual
07. Mayonnasian
08. Dark Urinal
09. Uncle Nasty Fingers
10. Technical Brutal Death Metal Song [Extended Ron Jeremy Mix]
11. Slits Slots Sluts

12. Flexus Pexus
14. Light Beer = Intense Queer
15. Insane Cumsore

Cuntscrape is a band that most of all is an absurdity. The Australians fool around to a degree that is almost too much. Some of it works okay, but there are also things that don't. The song-writing is alright, but in no way overwhelming. The band grind a lot, but the five-piece don't forget to add lots of groove to the songs as well.

The problem is that there are all kinds of juvenile samples mixed in with the songs and overall this doesn't work well. The samples don't feel like an integrated part of the music and that's not good. Things just doesn't seem all that worked through.

I like the distorted kind of humour the band possesses, but this time it feels like Cuntscrape is doing it on the expense of the music. I hope the music will play a bigger role next time.

Death Fucking Cunt is nothing atypical. The Australian four-piece plays brutal death metal. The music is conventional and there's nothing that set the band apart from so much else, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the music is bad.

The four-piece plays fast and brutal, but the band does know how to vary things. The Australians often shift to some groovy and heavy middle-parts. These do provide the needed diversity without it becoming overwhelming. Many of the riffs are good, but overall it doesn't change that much.

Common for both bands is that they do come up with some likeable things, but it's a problem that just as much of it tends to fall short. The music often ends up being mediocre and not all that exciting, but despite of the shortcomings it could have been a lot worse.

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