DAEMONICUS - Host of Rotting Flesh
Released: May 29th, 2009 | Label: ViciSolum | Rating: 3/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: ViciSolum

01. Baptism of the Dead
02. Funeral For the Living
03. Carnage
04. Unrest in Peace
05. Dechristianization
06. Rituals
07. Welcome the Dead
08. To Feed Upon Flesh
09. Swarm of Death
10. Breeding in Decay

Looking at the artwork, the song-titles, the bandname I was sure that Host of Rotting Flesh would be another chunky, groovy and stripped down Swedish death metal effort in the vein of Grave, Paganizer or Bloodbath just the way I like it, but I was wrong.

Something that is noticeable right away is the thin guitar sound. I'm not able to get past this as it makes the music sound flat and without any type of vitality. I'm not sure if this was an attempt to set the music apart from the common Swedish death metal sound. No matter what, the result is not good. I do like that the band create a somewhat doomy vibe by adding a bit of violin now and then, but again this doesn't go very well with the thin sound.

On "Unrest in Peace" the music is somewhat similar to Nominon, but it doesn't have quite the same dirty buzzsaw ring to it. Another thing, is that there is long between the captivating parts in the music. Most of the riffs are anonymous and ineffectual. Of course there are some good riffs and parts as well, but these tend to vanish among all the mediocrity.

On most of the songs the Swedes go for a moderate approach. A few places the pace is even slower emphasising the aforementioned doomy feel. It works well for some bands, but not here thanks to the thin production and lack of heavy parts. I'm not sure if a fatter guitar sound alone would have made Host of Rotting Flesh a better effort, but would certainly have made it a bit easier to digest for this reviewer.

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