Released: 2009 | Label: Great Dane | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: DarkRise

01. Perform
02. Invisible Disease
03. Feed This Hate
04. One Race : All Racist
05. Our Victory
06. And Then Kill Myself
07. Neuronal Interference
08. Facing the Storm
09. Inescapable Decision
10. Skilfully Perverse Mechanism

The music on Built is modern bass driven death metal with a technical twist. There's lots of groove and slap bass in the songs. It seems like the Swiss four-piece is to some extent inspired by Meshuggah. The music is diverse and complex, but overall not very exciting.

The big problem here is that most of the riffs are forgettable. The song-writing is in no way bad, but there's just not a lot that makes a lasting imprint. The slap bass does provide the music with some personality and it gets a lot of room in the music, but somehow that type of bass playing doesn't fit the music very well. It tend to be more annoying than enjoyable.

Overall the music isn't very fast either. There are exceptions along the way, but most of the time it's moderate. When the drummer plays fast there doesn't seem to be much variety in what he's doing. This is another thing that makes Built tedious. The songs do however work the best when the band adds some faster parts. There's some good solo work now and then, but it doesn't make any bigger difference.

Built was recorded in Hertz Studios in Poland and the end result is a meaty, but also somewhat dry production. In general the balance in the music is good, but as I already pointed out the bass do tend to take up too much attention. Built has its ups and down, but for this reviewer it wasn't all that an interesting experience.

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