Upcoming brutal death metallers Dawn Of Demise just released their first demo …And Blood Will Flow, a demo that is rich on N.Y. styled death metal a la Suffocation and Pyrexia. Not the most common style of death metal in Denmark, but the band has already gotten themselves quite a reputation in the underground. I recently got the opportunity to ask bassist and founding member Bjørn Jensen a little about the music, the band, the demo as well as a bunch of other things.

Bjørn Jensen interviewed by PSL

Dawn Of Demise is a fairly new band, but you've already made quite a name for yourselves in the Danish scene. Why do you think that is?
I would say it's because of the amount of shows we've played. We've played something like 18-20 concerts in the last year, and without having a demo out. We've been very fortunate. The fact that Scott is in the band has also created some curiosity. He has been away from the metalscene for several years now. Maybe it's because people want to check out what he is doing... Could also be because we kick ass? [laughs]

How was Dawn Of Demise formed?
Martin and I had for a long time fooled around with the idea of making some really heavy New York styled death metal. We wrote a song or two, and asked Scott and a drummer called Heinz if they were interested, and they were. Heinz busted his arm in an accident, and Kim Joined the band. At that time second guitarist Jakob was already in the fold. Everybody in the band, except Scott, had played in various bands together before, so everybody knew each other. Everything just worked out perfectly.

Besides Scott have any of you played in other bands prior to founding Dawn Of Demise?
We have all played in loads of bands before, and some of us have side-projects as well. But none are worth mentioning here. Our main priority is Dawn Of Demise.

Bands like Suffocation and Pyrexia appear to have influenced you quite a bit. Are these two the main influences and what other bands inspire you?
You are correct. We are really into the N.Y. death metal scene, so those are definitely two of our favourites, but we listen to loads of bands. If I were to mention some of our favourite death metal bands, it would be bands like Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, Internal Bleeding, Monstrosity, Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse - the older stuff, Carcass, Death, Dying Fetus, Deicide - the older stuff, and of course, as mentioned before... Suffocation plus loads more, but we're not only into death metal. Other metal acts that we are into, could be bands like for instance Meshuggah, Confessor, Nevermore, Testament, Megadeth - the old shit, Metallica, again the old shit, Lamb Of God, Forbidden, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage and loads of metalcore, thrash metal and 80's heavy metal. But to finish off, the main influences for our band, is of course the N.Y. styled death metal as played by Suffocation, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding and others.

You don't appear to just go for full-on brutality, but instead incorporate a lot of slower, groove and heavy things. Is this important to keep the music interesting or how do you see it?
Yeah. We are all more or less into death metal in the band, but we all agree when we say that it's all about playing fast nowadays. In the long run we find that, let's say uninteresting or maybe a little monotone. Listen to bands like Vital Remains, Decrepit Birth or Origin. I love their albums and it is great music, but do you honestly sit and enjoy listening to an entire record? Death metal, in my opinion, has become a contest about who is able to play the fastest, and I find that boring. We are more into the heavier death metal bands. That mixed together with the fact that we listen to loads of other non-death metal bands, creates our style.

Another thing that struck me was that you don't hold back on the leads either like a lot of death metal bands have an unfortunate tendency to do. Do you think the leads are just as an important aspect of the music as the rest of it?
That's actually quite simple to answer. Martin is a guitar-nerd who loves solos and harmonies. The rest of us love some smart-ass guitar-playing as well, so why not. I agree with you completely. We play heavy music and solos simply belong in heavy music. I don't have a clue why so many bands aren't doing solos anymore. Maybe it is not a popular thing to do anymore? I don't know, but it is a shame.

You recorded the demo at Lydpotten yourself and then got Jacob Hansen to do the mixing. What made you do it that way?
I actually can't remember. It must have been to save money? What can I say?

Are you happy with the result?
More than happy. We are totally thrilled. It might have sounded decent after we were finished recording in Silkeborg, but as soon Jacob got a hold of it, it sounded great. In two short days he worked his magic and we are very happy with the result... 'Jacob - you rule!'

Are you going to shop the demo around labels or did you only make the demo to get the name out there and let people know who you are?
Yeah. We are actually very serious concerning this demo. We are hoping to get lots of gigs out of it because playing live is what we're all about. The main goal is of course a record-deal, and we've actually already spoken with a few labels that are interested, but nothing is decided yet. We are waiting to hear from more labels. It's a very exciting time for us right now. We are waiting and hoping for the right label to come along.

Besides the three songs on the demo how much material do you have to choose from?
We have something like 10 finished songs and we are brewing on a few more. The new stuff is heavier than ever.

Not many bands in Denmark play this brand of Suffocation influenced death metal. Any thoughts on why that is?
With new times come new trends. This style of death metal that we play is not very common in Denmark. Denmark has loads of thrash bands, melodic Swedish styled death metal bands and nu-metal bands. Maybe we have gotten some attention because we are doing something different. Who knows?

You recently completed a string of shows with HateSphere. How did that go?
It has been fucking great! We have played for a couple of big crowds, and the response has been very positive. We have also sold a shitload of t-shirts and CD's which also is very cool. It has been great fun hanging out with the guys from HateSphere. They are all nice guys and we get along with them perfectly. We are very thankful for all gigs they dragged us along to... HateSphere kicks ass!

Do you have any shows coming up?
Yes. We were supposed to have played with HateSphere February 25th in Odense, but the venue cancelled the whole thing. We have a gig in Herning on the 18th of March and another one in Struer on April 7th. We are currently talking to some bookers and venues about several other gigs, but nothing is official yet.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Go onto our website, check out our shit, buy the CD and a t-shirt and go see us live when we are playing at a venue near you. Keep it metal... DEATH METAL FOREVER!

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