The brutal Danish death metallers Dawn Of Demise are a happy band these days. They've just inked a deal and will have their debut CD Hate Takes Its Form out some time around October. Bassist Bjørn Jensen was eager to talk about the bands current activities and the epicentre of the conversation was of course the newly inked contract with Deepsend Records, but there was also time to discuss details about the new CD Hate Takes Its Form and the state of the Danish scene alongside a few other things.

Bjørn Jensen interviewed by PSL

I know you've been looking for a deal for some time. What made you choose to go with Deepsend Records?
Yeah, you're right. We chose Deepsend Records because they contacted us, they really like our album and in our eyes they are very ambitious. Among their newest releases you find Lecherous Nocturne, and vinyl releases of Satyricon Now, Diabolical and Despised Icon The Ill's of Modern Man. It seems like they are on their way up when you compare with some of their older and more unknown releases.

How's their distribution network in Europe? I don't remember seeing any of their releases in Scandinavia!
They have great contacts in the US and Canada, there the album will be distributed through Century Media! With regards to Europe I'm not aware of all the details, but I know they have distribution in The Netherlands, Belgium and that area. Besides that they have loads of trade partners in the rest of Europe. They probably have more distribution in Europe that I'm not aware of, but basically they do best in the US and Canada. In the course of signing us they have secured a nice distribution deal in Denmark. That was one of our few demands. The company that will handle the distribution here in Denmark is still undisclosed. We are simply not allowed to reveal it yet.

How's the whole process of finding a label been? It didn't seem like you were too much in a hurry inking a deal with whatever label first showed interest!
It's been alright. And you're right again, we didn't just go ahead and sign the first deal we were offered. We wanted to wait it out, and see what happened. After declining five or six offers from smaller grindcore labels, we decided on Deepsend Records.

Was it more difficult getting a deal than you expected?
No, not really. The whole thing depends on how picky you are. I am glad that we waited a while. Man, we were offered some really shitty deals prior to this one.

Do you think it made any difference that you could show an almost complete product to the labels?
Well, of course. The labels know what they are going to get both musically and production-wise. When signing a band on a demo alone, they don't really know what they'll get later on. If you know what I mean?

Could you reveal any details about Hate Takes Its Form? Things like release date, who's doing the artwork and stuff like that?
Yeah! I can try. There are 10 songs and almost 45 minutes worth of heavy death metal - New York style. Killer production, guttural vocals and catchy songs [laughs]. The release date isn't exact yet, but hopefully sometime in October. The cover was done by Johnny Haven from the The Burning. The man really knows his shit! We love the cover. If anybody should be interested in hiring him to do artwork or a t-shirt design, then check out his site: . He's quite cheap and a very nice guy.

Just like with the demo you recorded the CD at Lydpotten and then Jacob Hansen mixed and mastered the effort at his studio. What made you decide to approach things the same way as with the demo?
This answer could be very short. Because we knew it would work this way and it was cheap [laughs]! The demo sounded cool, and this time we knew what we wanted to sound differently. I think the metal public will like the production. It's a slight improvement to the demo, which we still think sounds good. This time the bass is clear [laughs]!

Musically how does the material on Hate Takes Its Form compare to the music on …And Blood Will Flow, and have you reused the three tracks from the demo?
We are still in the same ballpark as the demo. We have just improved as songwriters and musicians. Genre-wise we are still a heavy death metal band. To answer your last question - yes, we have reused the three songs, but we rerecorded them, and they sound a bit better now. They are a tad faster than on the demo.

It's been a while since you recorded on Hate Takes Its Form. What have you been doing in the meantime?
We have been rehearsing and playing gigs. We played seven-eight gigs with our good friends in As We Fight, and we supported Suffocation in Aalborg.

Do you have any material ready besides what is on the CD?

Not really… a couple of songs maybe.

I'm a big fan of Suffocation and I know that most of you are too. How was it to open for the masters of brutal death metal when they played in Aalborg in April?
Suffocation is the fucking bomb! They are in death metal what Tiger Woods is in golf - simply the best! The rest of us just fight for second place [laugh]! To open for them was a dream come true. They are my personal gods - it was truly amazing. Frank Mullen and Derek Boyer even said that our show was cool and tight - wauw! One of the best nights in my life.

What is the optimal audience for you? Many concerts nowadays are a peculiar mix of different styles. You rarely see a concert package today that only consists of death metal bands!
Hmm… difficult question! The optimal audience for us is a large one that thinks we kick ass. I think it's cool to play with different kinds of metal bands. People that usually wouldn't go see a death metal concert show up and maybe, just maybe hear something they like. It is a good way to get your music out. A pure death metal bill is also cool. We played a deathfest in Germany with Inveracity headlining. That was awesome, but here in Denmark it probably wouldn't attract that many people - sad but true.

What is your opinion about the condition of the Danish scene? I was actually quite amazed that combos like Immolation and Grave couldn't attract much more than a 100 people when they played in a large city like Aarhus!
I think it is alive and kicking and doing quite well if you ask me. We have loads of really good bands here in Denmark. I was at the Immolation gig as well. A 100 people? - that fucking sucked! But that was a fluke if you ask me. People usually show up for gigs, just not that one for some odd reason.

If you look ahead what next is in store for Dawn Of Demise?
Global domination [laughs].

Are there any comments you want to make to conclude this interview?
Yeah, man. Thanks for the interview Per. You are one of the few true death metal believers in our small country. Your website fucking kills. Keep it sick motherfucker! And to the rest of you - buy our album when it comes out in October and go see us live. We will be playing a handful of gigs in October and November. Remember, this fall hate takes its form!

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