The Danish death metal band Dawn Of Demise recently put out an EP containing two new songs as well as three cover songs of Suffocation, Obituary and At The Gates. Not to mention promo videos of the songs "Extinction Seems Imminent" and "Hate Takes Its Form". Some days ago I got a brief chat with bassist Bjørn Jensen about the EP, the new guitarist Thomas Egede and the process of writing new material among other things.

Bjørn Jensen interviewed by PSL

Let's start out by talking about the new EP Lacerated. What made you put this nice little package together rather than just wait and release another full-length?
Hmmm…for various reasons. For one, it could be cool to release an EP. It's a bit old school to do so, so why not. The main reason was probably that we wanted to let people know that we are still going strong. Let them know that we are still around, also to make the wait for the second album seem shorter. We also had a few covers we wanted to get out of the way, and an EP is perfect for that.

The two new songs "Extinction Seems Imminent" and "Ridden With Disgust" sound like a logic continuation of what you did on Hate Takes Its Form. Are they representative for what next to come?
That is very difficult for us to answer. In my opinion everything we do in the band sounds like Dawn Of Demise. We'll just have to wait and see. I can say that we are still very heavy, groovy and still just as inspired by the New York style death metal as we've always been…so no huge changes here.

There are three cover songs on the EP as well. The Suffocation cover is an obvious choice, but what made you go with tracks from At The Gates and Obituary?
As you say Suffocation was a no brainer. We chose "Turned Inside Out" because we all enjoy Cause of Death, and all tend to agree that that track is one of the strongest on the album. Also because it's groovy and old school and we like that shit. The At The Gates track was the odd one. We had talked about doing something unexpected, so there you go. Kim loves Slaughter of the Soul and mentioned the idea, so we thought - why the hell not? People might give us hell for it, but what is done is done.

Just like the demo and the debut you've recorded at Lydpotten and then had Jacob Hansen mix it. Obviously it works well, but could you see you doing things differently next time?
Things will be done completely different next time. Can't say anything about it yet, but we won't be re-using any of the studios or Jacob Hansen. We love Jacob, but it's time for something different and fresh.

How has the cooperation with Deepsend Records been so far?
Fine. They are cool. No shit there. The label is small and communication is perfect.

You had a bit of turmoil with regards to guitarists. Have you found a stable constellation now?
Yeah. Jakob was a great guitarist, so it has been difficult to find the right man for the spot. Let's hope we made the right choice this time round. Thomas is a nice guy and plays well, so I think so.

The addition of Thomas Egede will this affect the song-writing in any way?
No. I shouldn't think so. He will bring riffs to the band, but they still have to pass the Dawn Of Demise quality check. I think Dawn Of Demise will continue in the same vein as you've heard on the album and EP - heavy fuckin' death metal.

How far are you in the process of writing new material?
We've just started on track six, and it's sounding cool and heavy as fuck. This time around the heavy gets heavier and the fast gets faster. More of the old stuff, just better executed.

I know you're doing lots of concerts in Denmark, but what about outside of the country? Do you plan to play outside of Denmark?
Yeah man! We plan to, but nothing is happening yet. So if anybody reads this then book us! - We would love to go abroad and spread the mayhem.

I've heard bands complain about poor turnouts at shows in Denmark. Is this something you've experienced as well?
No. We've always had decent turnouts at our gigs - at least the last couple of years. I remember we played a gig in Vejle, where 91 had purchased a ticket. I think that is the lowest attendance in more than two years, so we can't complain.

You were nominated in four categories at Danish Metal Awards but didn't win. Even though you didn't win do you do you feel it was a pat on the shoulder just getting nominated?
Yeah. Fuck that we didn't win. Would have been cool though [laughs], but being nominated four times? Shit, I mean - we are a death metal band, not a gay metalcore band. So it's very cool if you ask me. Maybe next year we'll be awarded a prize or two…let's see.

You've joined the Facebook craze like many other bands. Could you say about what makes this different from MySpace for instance?
Facebook sucks band-wise, MySpace is far better! Facebook is cool if you have profile as a private person, but not as a band. MySpace will always be ahead on that front.

Anything you'd like to add to finish this interview?
Yeah…go buy our EP! And make sure you go see us live here in March. Stay sick dudes.

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