DAWN OF DEMISE - Hate Takes its Form
Released: January 28th, 2008 | Label: Deepsend | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Dawn Of Demise

01. Hate Takes its Form
02. ...And Blood Will Flow
03. Degrading the Worthless
04. Within the Flesh
05. Intent to Kill
06. Impurity
07. Beyond Murder
08. Malice - Kill to Conform
09. Domestic Slaughter
10. Regain Our Masochist

If you liked the demo …And Blood Will Flow then you'll definitely love Hate Takes its Form as Dawn Of Demise remains 100% loyal to what they did on the demo. The band does try a few fresh things along the way, but don't expect any disturbing detours. The five guys don't hide their adoration of American death metal masters Suffocation. It can definitely be heard, but Dawn Of Demise doesn't end up sounding like just another copycat.

From the first notes it's apparent that the band know what they are doing. Dawn Of Demise proves they know how to play heavy, versatile and tight death metal. It certainly doesn't hurt either that a solo or two regularly appear. This without doubt adds that extra something that help differ the band a bit from the vast majority of brutal bands. Dawn Of Demise has created an recognizable style and sound. Compared to a lot of what else is out there, it may not be overly original, but nevertheless it works just right and gives the band the amount of distinctiveness they need. A lot of the time the five guys concentrates on the mid-tempo parts as well as the slower elements. It works well, but a few places it seems that the music is losing some its momentum, but Dawn Of Demise are largely able to save it.

Make no mistake there are both grind and blast found all through Hate Takes its Form, but not in total abundance. It suits the music when things are geared up a bit like on "…And Blood Will Flow" and "Impurity", but overall there's a fine balance between the fast and slow. Jacob Hansen mixed the effort. Besides that the band did everything else themselves. The result is a meaty and clear production. It fits the music perfect and none of the details seems to vanish in the soundscape. Hate Takes its Form is a solid and potent debut that should have no problem appealing to fans of Suffocation and New York styled death metal in general.

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