DAWN OF DEMISE - Lacerated
Released: October, 2008 | Label: Deepsend | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Dawn Of Demise

01. Extinction Seems Imminent
02. Ridden With Disgust
03. Infecting the Crypts
04. Blinded by Fear
05. Turned Inside Out

On this MCD Dawn Of Demise offer two new songs and three renditions of songs by Suffocation, At The Gates and Obituary as well as two promo clips. The two new songs continue where Hate Takes Its Form left off and nothing wrong in this. Both songs are heavy and versatile death metal in the vein of Suffocation, but opposite to many bands Dawn Of Demise never ends up sounding like a copy of the New Yorkers.

The versions of "Infecting the Crypts", "Blinded by Fear" and "Turned Inside Out" all stay loyal to the originals. All three are convincingly done and makes you want to find those CD's and give them a listen. In addition to the music there are two promo clips as well - it's the video for "Hate Takes Its Form" and the new track "Extinction Seems Imminent". Both video are good and a nice bonus to the EP. Lacerated is good effort and promise well for what next to come from the five Danes.

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