1. We Drink to Your Demise
  2. Rejoice in Vengeance
  3. Killing Spree
  4. This Affliction
  5. The Epitome of Brutality
  6. He Rises Again
  7. Exsanguination
  8. Indulge in Perversity
  9. Ungodly
  10. The Blood Stays on the Blade
  11. Choke
  12. The Immaculate Slaughter
DAWN OF DEMISE - Rejoice in Vengeance

GENRE: Brutal death metal
COUNTRY: Denmark
LABEL: Unique Leader Records
YEAR: June 19th, 2012

RATING: 9/10
PROVIDED BY: Unique Leader Records

Somehow I missed out on Dawn Of Demise's previous CD A Force Unstoppable. But besides that I've followed the band since its demo days and Rejoice in Vengeance is Danes best effort so far.

It seems that the inspiration has changed, not a lot, but it is noticeable. Unlike past efforts the music seem to be more inspired by slamming death metal in the vein of Abominable Putridity, but Dawn Of Demise don't dump its love for New York inspired death metal. All the familiar traits are still there.

The band has matured as song-writers. The music is diverse, but as always with centre on the groovy and slamming parts. But there seem to be more fast parts than usual. I like that as it adds to both the brutality and versatility of the music.

As always there are lots of catchy riffs and parts. That of course just makes the music all that more electrifying. Another thing I like a lot is Martin Sørensen's solos. The solos add a lot to the feel of the songs as well as the diversity.

It's like vocalist Scott Jensen has changed his style a bit. His vocals seem to be a little more low end than usual. It reminds me a bit of how Matti Way and Abominable Putridity does it, and I think it fit the music just right.

The production is thick and meaty. It definitely profits the music that the band chose to work with Tue Madsen this time. The result is a much more rich and dense sound.

As I wrote above Rejoice in Vengeance is the Danes best and most mature effort so far. If you like slamming death metal mixed with inspiration from New York bands such as Internal Bleeding, Suffocation and Pyrexia then Dawn Of Demise is a band that is hard to avoid.

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