1. Suffering of Disgrace
  2. Aggressive Soul
  3. Defenestrated
  4. Lunatic Human
  5. Immolation
  6. Eternal Sacrifice
DECAYING - Defenestrated

GENRE: Brutal death metal
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: 2011

RATING: 5/10

The French band Decaying is not to be confused with the Finnish threesome by the same name. The two-piece plays brutal death metal. The band is strongly inspired by brutal American death metal in the vein of Suffocation, Deeds Of Flesh and Gorgasm.

However this is not easy to hear. No doubt that the music is brutal, but that alone doesn't cut it. Often it feels like the focal point is just on brutality and not so much on making the music catchy. I miss a little more ingenuity and mixture in the song-writing. Many of the parts and songs for that matter tend to be somewhat one-tracked. The songs are for the most part very fast, but the Frenchmen do gear down a notch or two now and then.

The production doesn't exactly profit the music either as the drums and vocals tend to overshadow the guitars. I think Decaying do have potential. This is the bands first demo. Of course there are many things to work on, but it could have been a lot worse.

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